Friday, 6 January 2017

Life | Hi...Again & 2017 Goals!

Hi blog friends!!

Now I know what you're thinking, wait you used to blog right? Yep that's me! It has been a LONG time since I have posted on here and I'm really sad about that! I went through a patch where I just didn't want to write, I didn't want to take pictures, I didn't want to promote my was just a pretty rubbish time. But you know what they say new year, new found love for blogging!

Since 2016 was all round rubbish (I mean that is a sweeping statement, go you if your 2016 was fab! Okay that sounded patronising it's not, oh god okay I digress), back to the point since 2016 was pants, so I want to make 2017 (in the least cliche way ever) my year. I am determined to set a list of goals and stick to them, and I'm not talking new years resolutions because lets face it, we all break them in about 2 days. I'm talking a list of achievable goals either big or small that I want to accomplish this year, and what better way to make me stick to them than by writing them on the internet for everyone to see! So here we go, these are my 2017 goalz!

1. I want to be a year pull free. 

(If you haven't read my blog before or just didn't know in general, I suffer from a form of OCD called Trichotillomania where I pull out my hair. I'm looking into signing up to one of the Trich help websites where you can find a 'buddy' who can help you through trying to stop, so far I am on day 3 of no pulling!)

2. I want to apply for the Disney CRP (Cultural Representative Program) even if i have 0 chance of getting in, I want to try!

3. (cliche warning) I want to join the gym and stick to it!

4. Pass my driving test

5. Join the local netball team and make some friends

6. I want to get better at eye make up and perfect putting false eyelashes on (WHY IS IT SO HARD!?)

7. To drink more water!

8. I want to blog at LEAST twice a week, if not more! I also want to blog even more about Disney so get ready for that.

9. Go to the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris

10. Learn to love myself

What are your 2017 goals? Id love to hear!
So I'm really hoping this writing inspo isn't just a one off and that you'll see a lot more of me. 
I am really hoping to stick to my new blogging schedule (but working full time does kinda f that up sometimes) so we'll have to wait and see!

Happy 2017 my lovelies!!

Lots of love 
Katy xxx

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