Saturday, 6 August 2016

Disney | Disney Wish List #7 Princess Edition

Hi blog friends!!

Since the BatB Tsum's came out (yes I got the whole collection grin emoji), I have been obsessed with looking at all things Disney Princess related, and I knew I had to put a Princess themed wish list together. This is literally about 1/20th of the items I would love, but these are some items that I have wanted for ages so are top of my list!
When I was browsing the website I came across a section for the Animator Collection and it is literally SO cute! There is a Tink milk bottle shaped water bottle and it is seriously giving me the wants (okay I know Tink isn't exactly a DP BUT she's cute so)!

1. Animators iPhone Case £9.99
How adorable is this phone case!!!! It has Punzie, Pocahontas, Snow and Tink on it all drawn in the animator form and I lits can't get enough haha! I've been looking for a new Disney phone case for ages and and as soon as I get paid, I imagine this will be mine!!

2. Rapunzel Traditions Figure £35
I would love all of the Disney Traditions, I think they are so beautiful and I love these Princess ones with their castles (or towers) on! Punz looks super cute so I feel like I need this haha!

3. Tink Shoe £16
I already have 3 of these beaut shoes (Cinderella, Punzie & Aurora), so I am basically just trying to collect my fave princesses. This Tink one is just adorable, I think the wings and the pom pom make it look so recognisable and it will look perf in my collection.

4. Belle Plush £17.99
Do I even need to explain why I want this plush...BELLE. IN HER CHRISTMAS OUTFIT. CHRISTMAS BELLE. That is all the explanation you need!!

5. Pocahontas Plush £16.95
First off, why is Pocahontas 5p less than the other princess plushies???? Anyway personally I think this Pocahontas plush is the prettiest of all the plushies, she's so damn cute! Again why wouldn't I want a super cute Pocahontas plush!

6. Snow White Shoe £16
Again, Snow is one of my fave princesses so I defs want her in my collection. I think this shoe is literally so beautiful and probably my favourite of all the shoes.

7. Belle Shoe £16
Okay so by now you get that I like these damn shoes haha! Belle being my fave princess has been on my list for SO long now, I tried to find her at DLP when I went last November but sadly I only found her once and they were ALL BROKEN, ALL OF THEM cry emoji! I was so excited to see this back in stock on the website because it ALWAYS sells out, so to avoid disappointment I might have to purchase this pretty quick!

So that's my current Disney wish list, hope you enjoyed seeing what items I'm loving right now!
What is on your wish list Disney or not?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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  1. Oh my gosh those shoes are so beautiful! I really hope that you get the Belle, it's truly stunning. Great post!
    Steph x.


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