Monday, 23 May 2016

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Hi blog friends!!

Todays post is just a short one but I couldn't not post about these little cuties! I posted a while ago about my Funko's (which you can read here) and since then my collection has grown quite a bit, so if you would like to see a complete updated version comment down below!
When it comes to buying them, I have a strict rule of only buying ones from films/TV shows I really love or specific characters I love.
Once is one of my favourite TV shows because it encompasses Disney and fairytales and magic etc which are all my favourite things!

These Funkos are probably my favourite collection (bar the BATB collection which I need to finish) and Regina is my all time favourite Pop that I own. The detail on them is amazing, especially Rumple he is so glittery and just look at those teeth! Also the dagger is super detailed as well. I think it's absolutely crazy how much they look like the actual characters!
The characters I have are Prince Charming, Snow White, Regina/Evil Queen, Rumple and Emma Swan. I am still on the hunt for Captain Hook so if anyone can hook me up (no pun intended) that'd be great, and then I would have finished my collection.
I'm really hoping they come out with some more characters like Henry, Belle, Mr. Gold and Robin Hood that would be perfect!

Do you have any Funkos?! Who is your favourite OUAT character?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. These are the coolest thing ever! Once Upon A Time is hands down one of my favourite shows, Regina is by far my favourite x

  2. These are so cool! I really want to get the Snow White one. I would love to see your whole collection? : )
    Steph x.


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