Sunday, 1 May 2016

Life | My Blogging Experience & 100th Post!

Hi blog friends!!

Wow, seriously long time no speak! I'm blaming my dissertation for this one BUT I finally hit 10,000 words so I'm giving myself a little break from work (little break meaning the weekend) to slowly get back into the swing of blogging again. ALSO HOW IS IT MAY ALREADY?!

I feel like I haven't done a chatty/rambly post in so long and sometimes it's really therapeutic to just sit down (or lay in bed which I'm totally not doing now or anything) and talk to you guys.

First off this is my 100th blog post and it will be my blogs 1st birthday in a couple of days which is honestly mental I can't believe I've been doing this for a whole year! So I though I would share my blogging experience and how I have found it so far and my thoughts on it all, this post might be pretty long so if it is, you've been warned!

I started my blog on 8th May 2015, literally out the blue I just said to myself one day I'm going to start a blog as an online diary and so I just did it. I didn't even think anything of it to be honest, just somewhere I could write down my feelings and what I did that day etc, but it rapidly turned into something completely different, I started writing more about beauty and lifestyle and of course my favourite subject Disney and that has just stuck!

Now, I am a tiny tiny tiny blogger in the bloggersphere, I have seen people grow their blogs immensely in a year but I never expected to even get 1 follower, let alone 407! It blows me away that 407 out there want to read what I have to say, I think that it is something I will never comprehend and I'm so grateful.

My experience as a blogger hasn't been what everyone assumes blogging is like, I've never been to a blogger event, I've been sent a few items but nothing on the scale of other bloggers, I've never met any bloggers, I've never worked with a brand etc. 
But to me, it doesn't matter I write because I love to write I never started KDL with the sole purpose of wanting free things or going to glitzy events (if I'm honest I didn't even know that was a part of blogging). I think people have a very small minded view of what blogging is, people seem to think it's just an opportunity to get free stuff, well it isn't because you have to work damn hard to see rewards like that!

The one thing I would say is the hardest about blogging (for me personally, I know some people are great at this) is scheduling and actually having time to write up posts and having great ideas and original content. For me that is probably the hardest thing especially being a uni I get so caught up in my academic work, for big chunks of time my blog really suffers and is almost pushed to the back of my thoughts because I just don't have time to take pictures, edit them and write up posts for the whole week. But when I do find time to blog I love it, I love writing about things I'm passionate about, it's just finding the time to do it!

Another thing about blogging that I find difficult is making and keeping friends within the community. 
I see on Twitter all the time these bloggers that are always hanging out or going to visit each other and for some reason it makes me feel left out! It's extremely irrational I know, but I just feel like I have no real friends within the community and even in the Disney blogger community, it almost seems like it's an exclusive club and I just don't fit in! I don't know if other bloggers feel like this but it's just something I've noticed.

But I don't want this to be a negative post as I have loved every second of blogging, I mean I wouldn't have 100 posts if I didn't yanno! So I just wanted to say to anyone who reads this or has read any of my other posts, thank you so much!

What are your thoughts on blogging?!

Lot of love
Katy xxx


  1. the 100th post! wow! you must feel very proud :)

  2. Well done lovely, you've come so far with your blog in such a short space of time! :) And I completely know what you mean about feeling left out, like you said the Disney Blogging community is quite tight-knit and I've definitely felt left out quite a lot of times! I'm not criticising anyone, I love our little community, but I definitely feel the same! <3

    Hannah @ Courage and Kindness


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