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Disney | Disney Wish List #6 Etsy Edition

Hi blog friends!!

I can't believe I'm already on number 6 of my Disney wish lists, I absolutely LOVE writing up these posts because 1. I get to browse Disney things and 2. I love showing the things I'm loving.
For this wish list, I thought I would just focus on the items from Etsy I am totally wanting right now. Plus I love sharing and supporting little businesses especially on Etsy because everyone is so talented, so it's fun to tell everyone about them, some of these you may know as they person behind them is a Youtuber or someone in the DLP community, so lets get into it (prepare for lots of links)!

1. Beauty & the Beast Rose inspired phone case (£9.99)

A few months ago I was searching for a phone case that covered my screen, because after smashing my phone screen I became so worried that I'd do it again. I was searching Etsy and came across this seller (OVESS) and I couldn't chose between the one I eventually bought or this BatB one. In the end I bought myself the Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse one (here). It is amazing quality and SO cute. Great price and came very quickly, so I think I might be putting another order in soon.

2. Maple & Whisky Reed Diffuser (£9.75)

I have loved Maple & Whisky for a very long time now, and have 3 candles and some wax melts, and I can honestly say that they are some of the best candles I have ever purchased. When I found out they are now doing reed diffusers I got so excited! I constantly have reed diffusers in my bedroom because they just make a room smell amazing. The scents I would love are Arendelle and Beach Club.

3. Set of 3 Star Wars Prints (£11.50+ depending on size)

I love Disney prints, well prints in general and these prints really stood out to me! I love that they are places from the original films. The seller is Harknett Prints and they do loads of different prints including Harry Potter and Disney.

4. Marie Minnie Mouse Ears (£19.18)

These ears come from the shop MousekaEarsBowtique, which is run by the lovely Brittany from the Youtube channel Disney At Heart. I saw these in one of their videos and just fell in love! If you didn't already know, Marie is my favourite Disney character so I am seriously in love with these ears! Check out her Etsy for super cute ears and bows!

5. Belle Watercolour Print (£7.70+ depending on size)

If you read my Tinker Belle inspired wish list, you'll know that a print from this seller was on that (but of Tink obviously haha). I absolutely adore this style of print, it is so different and beautiful. Of course, Belle would be my first pick as she is my all time favourite princess, plus the colours on this print are simply stunning! You can find these prints from the seller Genefy Prints, who does a wide range from Disney to Harry Potter to landscapes.

6. BB8 Bow (£6.39), Marie Bow (£5.68) & Chewie Bow (£4.97)

These beautiful bows come from the seller Extra Sweet Bowtique. There are probably 100 bows I would love from this Etsy shop, they are made so beautifully and all the characters are so recognisable. I would love some of these bows for when I go to WDW next year, as I am planning on Disney Bounding so these would be perfect! Here are the individual links for all three: BB8, Marie & Chewie.

7. Frontierland & Fantasyland Tube Station Postcards (£0.95)

These clever prints come from itslizi, who I know from the DLP community on Twitter and she is incredibly lovely and so easy to talk to (check out her Twitter here). I think these prints are absolutely fantastic and such a great idea! They would look fab in blog posts, instagrams and in little frames. The two I chose are Frontierland and Fantasyland as they are my two FAVOURITE lands at DLP and WDW, especially Frontierland!

8. Disney & Donuts T-Shirt (£27.71)

Lastly is this super accurate t-shirt! I'm sure Bob can confirm that I talk about Disney and donuts on a regular basis so this t-shirt is literally perfect for me! This comes from the seller Glitter Ever After, who do lots of Disney inspired clothing items that are all super cute!

Etsy is a goldmine for Disney related items, and you can find some absolute gems! I also like to support sellers as I said, especially if I know them or have spoken to them on Twitter etc.

What Disney items are on your wish list, Etsy or not?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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