Monday, 11 April 2016

Lifestyle | My Current Top 5 #2

Hi blog friends!!

I did a post like this last month and I really liked it! I thought instead of doing a favourites at the end of every month or so, I thought I would share my top 5 current things I'm loving! So kind of like a favourites post but kind of not?! Haha

So I chose my top 5 from a few different categories including my favourite album right now and my favourite lip product! So here are my top 5 current obsessions!

My current favourite body lotion:

I am seriously loving the Garnier Honey Treasures body lotion for very dry skin. The smell is absolutely incredible I just want to eat it (I won't but I could!). I actually got a sample of this in Glamour and didn't think anything about it but thought I'd just try it out and as soon as I opened it I fell in love. 
There are two main things I love about this product, one is that the smell stays ALL day and I seriously mean ALL DAY! I can still smell this on my skin when I go to bed and two this product actually got rid of my eczema, not even prescribed creams have done that so it has extra brownie points for that! Seriously go check this product out!

My current favourite lip product:

I have never tried lip plumpers before, I've always been kind of scared they'll hurt but this Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme-Plump has a really nice tingle that doesn't hurt at all! 
I was also pretty sceptical that it wasn't going to do anything, but it does actually plump my lips, but only slightly so it is very natural which is perfect! I just swipe this over my lipstick to give my lips that extra bit of volume, the gloss is clear so it doesn't ruin it either!

My current favourite foundation:

I know a lot of people have spoken about this product and I can totally see why people rave about it. It is the Vichy Dermablend foundation (corrector fluid if we're being pedantic)! 
This is a full coverage base that covers EVERYTHING, E V E R Y T H I N G! I got the shade 25 which is actually just a tad too dark but I make it work haha. 
This is perfect for a night out as it stays in place for 16 hours and is totally breathable. I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger!

My current favourite health product:

Since I have started to work out again (I'm using Results with Lucy and I can't recommend it enough) I thought I would try out some of the Mini V Nutrition products. 
I had already tried Mini:Burn before and loved them, but thought I would get some of the Mini:Shakes and Mini:Bars to have after my workouts and I am loving them! 
The shakes are SO delicious (especially the chocolate silk one) and perfect for after a workout, they're also perfect handbag size so you don't have to carry around a massive bottle of protein shake! 
I really recommend checking these products out as an aid to getting fit and healthy!

My current favourite album:

Okay so this has been one of my favourite albums for SO long but since I just had to write an essay for my uni Beatles module I have been listening to it non stop! 
It is A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles. I know that not everyone likes The Beatles but if I could urge you to listen to just one album it would be this one and if I had to recommend one song it would Any Time At All! That is up there with my favourite songs of all time (although nothing will beat Bohemian Rhapsody). 
This album is just full of classic hits and George Harrison gives me the feels *heart eyes emoji* (sorry Bob).

I love doing these top 5's, so look out for another one next month!

What are you loving right now?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Disney | The Disney Princess Tag ♡

Hi blog friends!!

I was tagged by the wonderful Jade from Outside The Tower to do this tag, and I do love a good tag, especially if it involves Disney and Princesses!! 
I'm so excited to do this one, oh and if you want to read Jade's answers just click here!! So here we go...

1) Which Princess do you like the least?

I have discussed my dislike for this character before on KDL, so it may not come as a surprise that it's Ariel! I just do not like her attitude at all! 

2) Which Princess do you adore the most?

Again no shocker if you've read KDL for a while, Belle! She is just so perfect, how could you not adore her?!

3) Which Princess do you relate to the most?

I think a lot of people will say this but definitely Rapunzel! All she wants is to have fun and I can totally relate to that! Plus I have blonde hair haha!

4) Which side kick do you wish you had?

Mushu because he is so funny and I'd love to have him to motivate me haha!

5) Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?

Either Pascal or Mushu

6) Which Prince would love you?

Beast for sure or maybe Phillip I can't choose

7) Which parents would raise you?

King David & Queen Leah (Aurora's parents) because they seem so cute and I reckon they'd be really fun

8) Which castle do you want to live in?

Aurora's castle obviously! IT'S PINK or maybe Rapunzel's 

9) Which dress do you wish you could own?

Belle's yellow ball gown is my dream dress

10) Which voice do you wish you had?

Either Pocahontas or Tiana! They have incredible voices

11) Which two Princesses would be best friends?

Probably Aurora and Belle because I think they are both really chilled and I can just see them getting on really well

12) Which two Princesses do you think would hate each other?

I reckon Merida and Snow would not get on at all, as Merida is very independent and don't need no man whereas that's all Snow wants!

13) Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

Meeko and Pascal because they are both cheeky and I reckon they would cause loads of mischief!

14) Which two Princes would be best buds?

Beast (in human form) and Phillip and then they could go on double dates

15) Which scene makes you cry?

There's two, first one is the classic lantern scene in Tangled when the sing I See The Light oh my god I can't help but ball my eyes out it's so beautiful and second is when Ray dies in Princess and the Frog

16) Which scene makes you cheer?

When Merida fights for her own hand, I'm like yaaasssss girl you don't need no man!!!!

17) Which movie is your favourite soundtrack?

Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast!

18) Which scene makes you cringe?

When Ariel sees Eric for the first time I can't help but cringe haha

19) Which story do you wish was your life?

Honestly, none! All the princesses have to handle villains and all sorts of crazy other things but if I had to choose probably Cinderella because at the end when you get the better life you can be like haha KARMA!!!

20) Which movie do you love the most?

Beauty and the Beast will always be my favourite Princess film BUT I do love them all (even The Little Mermaid, just a lot less than the others haha) because who doesn't love a Princess and a happy ending!!

So there you have it, the Disney Princess Tag! Thank you Jade for tagging me in this I had so much fun writing all my answers! 
I tag anyone who wants to do it because I'd love read everyones answers!

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?

Lots of love
Princess Katy xxx
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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Beauty | Kylie Jenner Lip Kit First Impressions + Swatches

Hi blog friends!!

The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits have been the talk of the year so far and the fact it's beyond difficult to get hold of one! 
I had tried 2 times and completely failed but FINALLY on my 3rd try I was able to purchase 3! I got Dolce K, Posie K and 22 and *spoiler* I'm in love, but we'll get to that later. 
I thought I would take you through the whole process after I purchased them just so that if you live in the UK and want to purchase one, you can see what happens after you get your confirmation email!

I got my Lip Kits on the 7th March drop and I was so prepared, I set an alarm and everything! 
Once I had frantically put the 3 I wanted in my cart (I also wanted Koko K but didn't think I had enough time to go back and put it in) I checked out and it came to $87 (each kit is $29) with a $14.95 shipping charge (gulp) so all together it came to $101.95 which is around £70
The confirmation of purchase took a few minutes which felt like 10 years, as I was sat there sweat dripping down my face! 
Honestly I've never felt such a strong sense of relief once I saw the word 'congratulations'. That was, until I realised I put in the wrong shipping address (oops) but it turned out to be alright (I put in my uni address instead of home as I was going to be at home for Easter and that's when it would be delivered). 

The confirmation email came in SO quickly I was really impressed, my shipping confirmation came in 3 days later (10th March) which again I was so impressed with. 
I knew it would take a few weeks to come and I was hit with an extra customs charge of £12.33 before my kits were allowed to be delivered (which I guess was a god send because it meant they could be delivered whenever I wanted so I chose a date when I was back at my uni address). 
I thought the customs charge was a bit cheeky as I'd already spent so much money then to get that was frustrating but you can't avoid it! 
In saying that I would definitely try to get some more Lip Kits and now I know that I'll get a customs charge I can factor that in!

So on to the kits! As I said I got myself Dolce K, Posie K and 22 and I am in love with all 3 colours, I am so happy I picked them. 

Comparing these shades next to my fair skin:

Dolce K is a mauve brown shade 

Posie K is a deep purpley pink 

22 is a burnt orange shade 

The formula of the lipsticks is so creamy and easy to work with and the lip liners are just as amazing, you don't even need to put a lot of pressure on to get a very pigmented line. 
The first thing about the product you notice is definitely the smell, they smell AMAZING like vanilla cupcakes and sweets, and the best part is the smell lasts on your lips as well! I have had a whole cup of tea and can still smell it!
They feel very comfortable on the lips, no cracking or peeling of any kind and no transferring!
My favourite is definitely Posie K, it is just such a beautiful shade I can't get over it! I know on some people it looks at lot more pink but I love it being a bit darker on me!
I was a bit skeptical about these kits, wondering if they were actually as good as everyone says or if it was only because they are Kylie Jenner's but I would definitely recommend these kits and I can totally understand the hype now, I believe they are definitely worth the money!

Have you tried any Kylie Lip Kits?! What are your thoughts on them?

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Disney | Disney Wishlist #5 Tinker Bell Edition

Hi blog friends!!

So since this post won the poll on my twitter, here it is! And just as I promised it's a themed wishlist!

I love browsing for Disney merchandise, in fact it is probably one of my favourite past times haha! Why does everything have to be so cute/amazing/perfect?!
I think I have expressed on my blog my love of Tinker Bell before, but just in case you didn't know I am literally obsessed with her right now, although I will admit I do not like her at all in Peter Pan, why you gotta be so rude Tink?! BUT in her own films, don't even get me started! I have seen them all bar the pirate one (I promise I am 21 really, just have the heart and brain of a 10 year old), but then again I really don't care what people think, I like Tinker Bell so get over it (sass)!
So, I thought I would put together a little wishlist of all the Tink related items I have been loving recently.

Firstly is the Tinker Bell toddler plush because why would you not want this, just look at how cute it is! Is there any more to say?!
Next is this beautiful rose gold ring with Faith Trust & Pixie Dust written on it. I love this because unless you read it you wouldn't even know it was Disney related, I also love the shape of it.
I have been wanting this Funko Pop for so long now, she looks so cute and I love that she is holding her magic wand. I would also love the sparkly version of this because, sparkles.
How incredibly gorgeous is this Haute Couture figure, it is part of the Disney Showcase range and I think it is absolutely stunning, the detail is amazing. I have a feeling this would fit in very nicely on my Disney Fireplace.
Now, this Tinker Bell print is actually the inspiration for this wishlist, I saw it and immediately wanted it but it also made me want to look up even more Tink items! This print is from the Etsy shop Genefy Prints (who right now have a buy 2 get 1 free offer so seriously check this shop out) they do so many different prints from Disney to Harry Potter to Typography and seriously they are all INCREDIBLE! 
Another piece of jewellery is these beautiful Tink ear rings in silver (they also come in gold) as I'm definitely more of a silver jewellery kinda gal! They are just really subtle and I now I think about it I could do with some new studs!
Finally, I came across these ears whilst scrolling through the masses of Minnie Mouse ears on Etsy, but these really stood out to me as they are so simple and straight away you can tell they are Tinker Bell themed (and I will need to stock up on MANY pairs of ears for WDW next year!). These are from the Etsy shop (cute name alert) Banana Pies! Heidi makes loads of different ears such as these but she also makes beautifully handmade clips.

I will admit I love this little wishlist, especially the Tink Funko Pop because I have wanted her for SO long, so maybe she will be my next purchase when my student loan comes in (totally using it responsibility hahaha).

What Disney items are on your wishlist?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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