Friday, 11 March 2016

Disney | My Disney Confessions

Hi blog friends!!

I have seen a lot of other Disney bloggers doing these posts and I just couldn't help myself! I'm not sure how shocking these will be but some of them surprised me when I really thought about it! So here are 10 of my Disney confessions:

1. I love Snow White! I think she gets such a hard time as far as princesses go because she has an annoying voice, but I mean she is 14 so you can't blame her but I think she's really cool!

2. I seem to be one of the only people who LOVE Soarin! I swear I only ever see people hating it or saying it's boring, it's one of the best rides at WDW in my opinion 

3. I listen to the Magic on Parade music in bedroom and cry haha!

4. I HATE Peter Pans Flight sorry not sorry, the queue is always like a billion years long and I just don't understand why people love it so much!

5. My least favourite film is Bambi and my least favourite Princess film is The Little Mermaid 

6. I have never eaten anything Mickey shaped

7. I am so annoyed that Disney bought Star Wars

8. I had never watched The Rescuers till a few weeks ago! (I loved it)

9. I love DLP I really do, but I would rather save my money and go to WDW! The weather is nicer, there's more to do and it seems more special 

10. Finally, meeting Goofy terrifies me because he is so tall, I nearly started crying the last (and only) time I met him! Goofy literally gives me anxiety haha!!

So there they are, my Disney confessions in all their glory! To be honest I don't think they are that bad, I have seen some pretty controversial ones (in my opinion haha) but hey we're all different and like/dislike different things! 
I actually had a lot of fun writing this so maybe there will be a part 2 at some point, who knows!
What are your Disney confessions?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. Okay, who doesn't like Soarin'?? That was by far one of the best things I experienced at Disney World! It's like 3D except a thousand times better and you don't get whip lash - what more do people need?

    My Disney confession is probably that, while I did go to Disney World and enjoy it, I probably would not go again. Unless it was free, or if I have kids in the future who are Disney fanatics. But for myself, I would definitely skip a second trip. It's just not my thing!


    1. I know right, I just always see people saying it's rubbish! That's fair enough, you don't have to like the parks etc to be a Disney fan, they aren't everyones cup of tea! xxx

  2. I really need to go back to Disney!!! My senior class trip was to Disney world in Orlando Florida and it's changed so much this then!!

    My Disney confession is that I actually have not seen The Great Mouse Detective or The Aristocats!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

    1. Yeah WDW is always changing which is great, it means it's always different every time you go! I have also never seen The Great Mouse Detective but The Aristocats is one of my all time favourites, you should definitely watch it! xxx

  3. I absolutely love Soarin too, one of my faves and don't know how people cant like it. Agree about Snow White too and kind of about Peter Pans flight, I don't hate the ride but I don't understand the crazy queues

    Belle's Moments

    1. Neither do I, what's not to like right!? Okay maybe I don't hate PPF per say but it's so boring, I would never queue more than 15 minutes for it if I was ever to go on again haha xxx

  4. The picture is making me so jealous! I visited Disneyland Paris last summer and can't believe I didn't blog about it. The weather was appalling though!

    I'm curious about why it is that you don't like the fact that Disney owns Star Wars now?

    Great post, I'm longing for some Disney magic now... might have to go and watch Mulan!


    1. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to go to DLP soon haha! Yeah the weather in France is so unpredictable!
      I just think that Star Wars was fine before Disney bought LucasFilm, I feel like they bought it to just make even more money! I don't know I just don't think it was necessary haha!
      Mulan is a great choice thank you for reading lovely xxx

  5. How could you hate bambi? That's like one of my all time favourite Disney films ever! But I agree about little mermaid though, she's so annoying! I love snow whites voice xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. I dont hate Bambi, I just find it boring and the characters annoy me, please don't hate me haha! Ugh don't even get me started on The Little Mermaid I have serious issues with that film haha! xxx


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