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Disney | 30 Disney Questions Tag

Hi blog friends!!

Yes that's right I'm hitting you with 2 Disney posts in 2 days and I am okay with this fact. Now I know that both of these posts are in no way unique or original but I do love a tag and I love answering all these types of questions, so I'm going to do it because I want to! I hope you enjoy reading my answers so here we go!

1. Favourite character?
I have 3 and I can't pick out of them so just gonna say all 3 haha! 
Belle, Rafiki and Marie

2. Favourite princess?

Easy, Belle!

3. Favourite heroine?

Mulan is totally badass, I know she is also classed as a princess but come on she's a total heroine! 

4. Favourite prince?

I know he isn't a prince throughout the film but Flynn Rider/Eugene, he's hilarious

5. Favourite hero?

HERC-U-LES *sang like the muses*

6. Favourite animal?

Either Marie or Rafiki

7. Favourite sidekick?

This is so hard because I love Timon & Pumbaa, Pascal, Mushu, Genie! So all of them haha!

8. Favourite villain?

Scar for sure, you can't get more villainous than Scar

9. Favourite original character?

Definitely Minnie, she's just amazing and I love meeting her

10. Favourite love song?

I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules

11. Favourite song?

We Are One from The Lion King 2. It is actually one of my all time favourite songs Disney or not! I love it

12. Favourite villain song?

Be Prepared

13. Least favourite song?

A Whole New World - YAWN!

14. Favourite kiss?

Probably Lady and the Tramp

15. The first movie you saw?

I think it was The Little Mermaid because it was my sister's favourite film so she forced me to watch it all the time, no wonder I'm not a big fan now haha!

16. Favourite classic?

Beauty & the Beast or Sleeping Beauty

17. A song that gets stuck in your head?

Be Our Guest

18. Favourite Pixar film?

It has to be Monsters Inc.

19. Least favourite Pixar film?

Probably Cars, I think I've seen it once and it didn't really interest me

20. Favourite sequel?

The Lion King 2! I love the songs and I just think it's a really cute film but I also really enjoyed the Cinderella sequels 

21. Overrated film?

I hate to say it but Frozen. I enjoy the film but I don't think it deserved all the hype

22. Underrated film?

I have 2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Good Dinosaur

23. Film that makes you laugh?

Definitely Tangled

24. Film that makes you cry?

The Good Dinosaur I cried from start to finish haha!

25. Saddest scene from your favourite Disney film?

My favourite film is Beauty & the Beast, so I guess the saddest scene is when Beast tells Belle she is free and can go and save her father

26. Saddest death?


27. Favourite Walt quote?

'The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.'

28. Favourite theme park?

It has to be The Magic Kingdom at WDW

29. Favourite theme park attraction?

The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

30. Favourite theme park show?

If night time spectaculars count as shows then definitely Fantasmic!

So now you know more Disney facts about me! I love reading these to see how they differ from my answers and what other people like and dislike! I hope you found this interesting and I promise my next few posts will be more inventive!
What's your favourite Disney film?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. Best post ever. I was literally nodding the whole way through! Flynn Rider <3
    I genuinely can't choose a favourite disney film Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Little Mermaid..

    Hannah xx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it :D I literally love Tangled, great choices xxx


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