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Beauty | What's In My Travel Make Up Bag

Hi blog friends!!

Happy March (how has this happened)! Over the past few days I have been getting back into the swing of uni/dissertation work which has kept me pre-occupied and honestly I cannot wait till it's over and I can have more time to blog!

A few weeks ago I went back home to Devon for just under a week for some relaxation time before everything with uni starts getting really busy and I had real trouble packing my make up, not because I have tons and it's hard to choose but I always end up taking about 10 lipsticks with me for 4 days for no reason but with the justification of 'just in case', but this time I only took the essentials and thought I would share with you what is in my travel make up bag! 
I am so nosey and LOVE reading these type of posts or watching them on Youtube and it always makes me want ALL the products!! 
This excludes the brushes I took because I took a separate case for them haha (plus my make up bag is too small to fit them in)!


For my base I kept it simple and just took primers, foundation, concealer and setting powder. 
Firstly primers I took the Urban Decay Eye Potion primer which is pretty self explanatory, then I took the L'Oreal Infallible primer and I love it, it makes my skin feel so silky and it actually works! 
Nothing new in terms of foundation, I just took my all time fave Double Wear. 
For concealer I opted for this Miss Sporty one instead of my Nars one because I am running out of my Nars one and want to keep that for special occasions, but this Miss Sporty one does the job perfectly and *UNPOPULAR OPINION COMING UP* I think this is better than the Collection concealer (please don't shoot me beauty blogger community haha). 
Then my setting powder is just Mac's Studio Fix.

Urban Decay Eye Potion primer £16
L'Oreal Infallible primer £7.99
Estee Lauder Double Wear £30
Miss Sporty Concealer £2.99
Mac Studio Fix £22


Again sticking with the simple theme I just took my all time favourite brow duo which is the Benefit Browzings powder, as I never use anything else on my brows for me this is holy grail stuff!
For eye shadows I just took the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette, this is absolutely perfect for travel because of the size and the range of neutral colours which is what I tend to go for on a daily basis, my favourites in this little palette are Stark, Cover and Primal.
Lastly mascara is the Full Fat Lashes from Charlotte Tilbury and again this is holy grail for me, you can wear a light coating for the day time and really amp it up at night so it is fantastic at any time, very highly recommend!

Benefit Browzings £24.50
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 £23
Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes mascara £22


I am absolutely OBSESSED with this Nars blush in the shade Deep Throat (why Nars WHY). It is the most gorgeous peachy pink colour and blends like an absolute dream, seriously recommend this and it is the perfect colour for spring to give you that flushed look.
For highlight I am loving the Radiant Touch cream highlight from Kiko, again it blends like a dream and leaves the most stunning highlight and it lasts all day!

Nars Blush £23
Kiko Radiant Touch highlight £8.50


For lip liner I chose Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pink Venus which literally goes with any pink or nude lipstick, which is usually what I tend to wear so it is very versatile!
For lipstick I took Mac's Please Me, which is my favourite colour at the moment, ever since spring time hit I have loved having a light pink lip, I think it looks so pretty and then I also took this light pink lip gloss from Barry M to put over the top, it isn't too sticky which is good and it smells like vanilla cupcakes (dreamy)!

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner £16
Mac Please Me £15.50
Barry M Lip Boss lip gloss £4.49

Setting Spray:

Lastly I always have with me my trusty Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, because once you spray this, your make up will not budge, not even slightly, you will be in place ALL day (or night). I only have the little handbag version and it has lasted me so long so I totally recommend that size and it is a lot less expensive!

Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray £9

That is everything that is in my make up bag when I travel! I would recommend all these products, they are all travel friendly and fantastic quality! In case you're wondering my make up bag is from The Disney Store and I think it was around £7, but I don't think you can get it anymore (sorry).
What do you have in your travel make up bag!?

Lots of love 
Katy xxx


  1. Excellent collection for travelling - I've been looking for a new primer that works well with Doublewear so I might have to give that infallible stuff a go! Got a agree that urban decay setting spray is just the best - that travel size bottle lasts so long. I'll be honest the first thing I was going to ask about was your makeup bag - it's so cute, pity they're long gone x

    Shiona | LifeAfterLdn

    1. Yeah I totally recommend the Infallible primer it really does work! Im so glad I didn't pay for the big setting spray as the little one is going to last me ages which I am so happy about! Oh I'm so sorry, I think the Disney Store sell similar ones so I would definitely check them out! xxx

  2. I really want to try the loreal matte primer! I have such oily skin so this would be so helpful!! Lovely post :)

    Kathy xx

    1. Definitely try it out, it's a good price and works so well! Thank you for reading lovely xxx

  3. Aaah, that makeup bag is so cute, it's a shame it's no longer available! I need to track down a Disney makeup bag of my own soon. And that Urban Decay setting spray sounds amazing - I'm definitely going to have to check it out! xx

    Hannah @ Courage and Kindness

    1. Thank you, Check out the Disney Store they normally have some really cute ones, or on Amazon! I seriously recommend the setting spray, keeps everything where it should be all day long! xxx


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