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Valentines Day | Gift Guide For Her

Hi blog friends!!

Before we start I just want to say this is just a bit of fun! These are just ideas and the examples I have chosen are just things I would personally like as a gift or not!

So we all know that Valentines Day is coming up quickly, and I thought I would do a little post about a few gifts that would be a lovely little gift/dream! Although this will be the only post because I don't think Valentines Day is anything special and just another commercialised day, but I digress.

I know that obviously a relationship isn't built on the gifts you receive on Valentines Day, but who doesn't like a bit of spoiling now and again! (You should spoil and show your love for your girlfriend/boyfriend on more than one day a year though haha)!

So here we go...

1) Lingerie:

Sometimes a girl just needs to feel confident and the way to do that is some gorgeous new lingerie. I love this Rosie Huntington-Whitely set from M&S because it is such a pretty colour. There's actually a whole bunch of really lovely sets in M&S at the moment so grab your boyf and go have a browse for something you can both appreciate (if he feels uncomfortable, tell him to man up)!

2) A Gift Set:

As a girl, I love nothing more than receiving a good old gift set with lots of nice new products to try out. Boots have some great offers on gift sets right now (surprise surprise) including this amazing Champneys box full of bath and skin care bits. Although some people might not see an already put together gift set very thoughtful, I think they are great as you get lots of products at once!

3) Lush Products:

A bit like number 2, but Lush products will always go down well if not just for the Instagramableness (did I just make a new word, yup!). They always bring out a lovely Valentines range with lots of new products from bath bombs to shower gels and lip glosses to unicorn horns there is a lot to choose from, but even if you can't find something from the seasonal range everyone has their favourites from the rest of the store, so there is a lot to choose from!

4) Candles:

Candles are the way to my heart, right now in my bedroom I can see 13 candles and yes I want more (sung like Sharpay from HSM). Candles are such a great present for me because unless it smells like popcorn I'm probably going to like it! Yankee do some incredible scents, and I love this Peony one because it's so subtle and fresh. For me this is probably the gift I would love the most! The thing I love about candles is there are so many different brands, you can either go cheap and cheerful or more expensive and luxurious (did I just describe candles as luxurious, yes I did and I am ashamed hell no!).

5) Make Up:

I could spend all day talking about/browsing/looking at make up which makes it the perfect gift. PERSONALLY I think if make up is going to be a gift it needs to be a bit more high end so anything from MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit etc. This new Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in 'Between the Sheets' has a very fitting name for Valentines Day and is such a lovely girly pink, plus just think about the Instagram pics you could get of it!!

6) Perfume:

An age old classic Valentines present but one that always goes down very well! Perfume is quite a risky game because everyone is so different and I am very picky with my scents. I have been lusting over this Tom Ford fragrance for months and months and months now but I cannot justify spending nearly £80 on a perfume, oh well. Receiving a beautiful bottle of perfume though is a really lovely gift and something I would be over the moon about!

7) FitBit Charge:

Now something completely different from the classic/cliche presents on this list! If your girlfriend is into fitness and wellbeing, getting her a Fitbit could be a really great gift. Now I know that it is SUPER £££ but you could always say it is her birthday present as well or even ask to go halfs with her! This is something I have wanted for a really long time because I need something to motivate me to get up and go and this little device beeps when you need to get off your backside.

So there you have it, a few things that could be given as presents for Valentines! This year my boyfriend and I aren't doing presents or anything big just going for a meal, mainly because we are saving for Florida but this doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Like I said this is just a bit of fun, you can spend as much or as little on the person you love this Valentines Day and I hope whatever you receive and give, you absolutely love!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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  1. Candles are such a good gift as they're so homely!
    Charlotte //


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