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Lifestyle | January Favourites

Hi blog friends!!

So it's that time again when we wave goodbye to January and WHAT THE HELL!!!??? 
Seriously how can it already be February already, absolutely crazy! But nevertheless it does mean that I can share with you guys my favourite things of January. 

I had such a hard time choosing these favourites, it seemed like I just loved everything last month haha! But I did manage to narrow it down! 

To start off the beauty category is this amazing Shampoo from Mark Hill. It is the MiracOILous Nourishing Shampoo for damaged and dry hair. This stuff is literally incredible, it smells like a sherbet Dip-Dab and does exactly what it says on the bottle. 
My hair has never felt so smooth and it has a lovely shine to it instead of being ruined with split ends and all frizzy! 
I had never tried Mark Hill products before, but I will definitely be trying more because this shampoo is fantastic and very affordable! There's also a deal on in Boots right now so go check it out!

First off this product is so unique, instead of being a normal night cream it is a mousse texture like it has been air whipped which means it is a very light consistency but the hydration it gives you is incredible. 
This is the first night cream I have ever stuck with because I have seen such great results! My skin feels smooth and plump in the morning and you can feel that it is still moisturised. It has a very light smell, it smells faintly like watermelon which is nice. 
I recommend this to anyone who has dry skin who is looking for a night cream!

This is pretty much a cult product, I see lots of bloggers talking about this cleansing balm and now I can see exactly why! 
I have tried so many cleansers/cleansing balms that just don't seem to work and leave my skin clean but not as clean as I'd like, but this product leaves my face squeaky clean and feeling so fresh. It has helped clear up my skin after a bout of quite bad acne over the Christmas/New Year period. It also takes off make up like a dream, would recommend this to everyone!!

Now this might be a bit OTT but this mascara has literally changed my life!!! Seriously this is THE best mascara I have ever tried. 
It claims to curl, separate, give volume, length and drama all in one and my gosh does it deliver. The wand is the perfect size and has amazing bristles that catch every single lash and coats them beautifully. The packaging is also so simple and elegant, everything about this mascara is perfect (except maybe the price haha).

I got this as a Christmas present from my brother (big up for that) and I have not stopped wearing it since! It seems like this is very hit and miss with a lot of people but for me, it is a total hit! 
On my lips it is a 'your lips but better' red with a hint of brown which suits my skin tone really nicely! It is such a great everyday lippy!

Hollister has such a great range of body mists ranging from sweet and fruity to more subtle floral ones! But hands down my favourite is the Crescent Bay mist. It smells so fresh and fruity and I always get lots of compliments when I wear it (although because it's a body mist it doesn't last as long as perfume). The smell is typical Hollister and by that I mean it smells like the shop which I LOVE! They were on a 2 for £18 offer when I bought it so I also got the blue one which is called Solana Beach.

This is my new favourite perfume of all time. Not only is the bottle absolutely adorable with that huge and incredibly soft pom pom but the smell is actually so beautiful. 
When you think of a celebrity perfume, you tend to think classic generic smells but this smells so classy and upmarket, but also really fun and young. I have worn this perfume literally everyday, you only need a small amount for it to last pretty much all day as well! Great staying power and a really feminine fragrance.


CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye Album

My first music favourite of January is CHVRCHES most recent album Every Open Eye.
I love the whole album, there is not one bad song on there! Seriously it is actually incredible! I have loved CHVRCHES for so long and this album just makes me love them more. 
I am so sad because I only found out today that they are playing in London and it is all sold out (cry)! I would love to see them live, they are one of my all time favourite bands!

Shawn Mendes - Stitches 

Oh my gosh I cannot stop playing this song, seriously I listen to it pretty much on repeat every single day. When I wake up, in the shower, when I'm getting ready, when I'm chilling out, when I'm blogging, when I'm taking pictures, you get the gist! I honestly adore this song haha I love the chorus and once it gets in my head that's it for the rest of the day!


Booking Florida

Obviously my last favourite of the month was booking our trip to Disney World/Florida with my boyfriend! I am beyond excited, we talk about it every single day, watch vlogs about WDW, read articles, literally anything to do with it! We are just SO excited and we are both very sad that it isn't sooner but we know that this year will fly by and it will be time to go before we know it!

January has been a month of ups and downs and now it is time to get back into uni work, so goodbye January and hello February!
What were you loving in January?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. Oh wow, sounds like I need to get my hands on that Charlotte Tilbury mascara!

    Claire | xx

  2. I'm glad the MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick was a hit for you! I tried on my friends but I think it's just a little too brown on me unfortunately! I went to Disneyland in florida last summer and oh my goodness it was probably the best holiday of my lifetime. The fireworks, Castle show and night-time parade were the best bits! xx

  3. Yessss! Hollister's body mists are so gorgeous but Crescent Bay is my favourite too - the scent reminds me of Watermelon which I'm obsessed with. And I'm dead jealous of your Florida trip, I hope you have an amazing time when you go! xx

  4. Have fun on your holiday, so excited for you as I've been to Florida before and it's the best!
    Charlotte //

  5. I really want to try the clinique cleansing balm, have you tried the Elemis one? I use that and am in love with it, i won't use anything else so wonder how the Clinique one compares. Really need to pick up one of those Hollister body sprays next time I'm in there

    Moments with Belle


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