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Disney | My Disney Fireplace

Hi blog friends!!

As you probably know by now I love Disney! So it might come as a surprise that I have a part of my room dedicated to it! I call it my Disney fireplace and my favourite thing is adding to it! Since I took these pictures I have actually added a mini Donald Duck plush and a mini Marie plush, so I might have to do an updated version before I move out!

Before I start the fairy lights and heart bunting are from, I just typed in fairy lights and these pretty much were the first result haha and then I typed in shabby chic and scrolled through and found the bunting.

Starting not he left, the wicker heart is from Homebase and is just a little decoration. 
The first Disney related item is this picture of Belle which my friend Marisa gave me for Christmas which was so lovely of her, then I have the Christmas Dumbo whose little scarf and hat are adorable and that was from the Disney Store. 
Next is my Belle spritz which I don't use because it smells kind of weird haha but I couldn't not get it, I mean come on it's Belle! 
Then I have a candle and wax melts from MapleandWhisky which is an amazing Etsy shop that make Disney and Harry Potter inspired candles, the wax melts are Mickey Waffles and the candle is Rice Krispy Treats and they both smell AMAZING! I have a few more but I will get onto that later!

Next the centre section of the fireplace is mainly Princess themed, starting with the shoe ornaments I have 3 in total Rapunzel, Cinderella and Aurora. I picked up Rapunzel in DLP on my birthday trip and you can see everything else I got here, I got Cinders for Christmas and Aurora I bought from The Disney Store online. I adore these show ornaments and I am itching to get Belle (they were all broken in DLP and sold out on the Disney Store) so I can have my 4 favourite Princesses. 
In the middle is a picture of Bob and myself on our first holiday together in Tenerife at the Siam Park water park, I love this picture we look so young haha! Next I have a canvas drawing of Belle which I got at DLP and I really want the Snow White and Alice ones because they are drawn so beautifully.

Finally the right side starts with this absolutely stunning Sleeping Beauty Storybook Disney Traditions. This was a Christmas present from my dad and I was so surprised when I opened it, I was so grateful I couldn't believe he had got this for me. I have been wanting this for SO long and I sometimes just stare at how beautiful it is! I would love to get the Beauty and the Beast one to go next to it and even the Tangled one but they are so expensive so for now I am extremely happy to have this one! 
Next is another candle from MapleandWhisky and this is in the scent Goofy's Peppermint Bark and it smells like mint chop chip ice cream. 
Then we have a mini Mickey plush, sadly without Minnie because they don't do Minnie in her red dress in this size at the Disney Store only her pink dress and to me that just isn't Minnie so I'm refusing to buy her, so right now he has Donald next to him! 
Last but not least we have a picture of my dad, sister, brother and myself on Expedition Everest the last time we went to Walt Disney World (we are obviously in the second and last rows and yes that Thing 1 tee still fits!) This is one of my favourite pictures ever, we decided what we were going to do in the picture the whole queue and I think was the 4th time we went on haha! 
There is only one other picture from this Disney trip that tops this and that is the ride photo from Dinosaur which maybe one day I'll show on here, it's hilarious!

Then I have these 2 hanging tree decorations at each end which were a Christmas present from Bob.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my Disney fireplace, I'm sure I'll do an updated version soon because I buy little bits for it all the time! What is your favourite thing on the fireplace?

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. The Disney wax melts look amazing, I fancy the Butterbeer candle.
    Amelia | ameliamaryx

    1. They are some of the best wax melts I have used, highly recommend! Oooh me too, I have a whole list of all the ones I want xxx

  2. I am literally in awe haha!! I am the green eyed monster currently... This is honestly the prettiest and coolest thing I have ever seen! I love Disney, this would be such a good idea to do, it's so fun and colourful and ah I need everything hahaha!! XXXX
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Thank you so much! I will admit I do love looking at it because it's soooo cute!! Haha I think you should definitely start even if it's just a corner of your bedroom or a windowsill, anything will do I love adding to mine and making it even more cute! xxx

  3. This is so cute!! I so want to create something like this now hahha :)

    Kathy xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I totally think you should! xxx

  4. First of all, your blog layout is absolutely beautiful, so simplistic and professional! Secondly, I am incredible jealous of your fireplace, I wish I has a Disney fireplace. I want to try the candles so badly, they look amazing!

    1. Wow thank you so much Robyn! I highly recommend the candles and the scent choice is amazing! xxx

  5. Aww I love this, I'd love to do this but I don't have a fireplace :( I've been wanting to try those Maple & Whisky candles and melts for ages but still haven't got around to it, must order some soon

    Belle's Moments

    1. Thank you so much! You can totally use anything/anywhere you like to display all your Disney goodies, I use my windowsill for my Tsum Tsum collection! Oooh I'm thinking of ordering soon as well as there are so many scents I would love to try xxx


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