Monday, 22 February 2016

Disney | Disney Wishlist #4

101 Dalmatians Vans | Star Wars Logo T-Shirt | Sleeping Beauty Print | Chip Necklace | Tinker Bell Mug | Rapunzel & Pascal Funko | Mini Marie Britto Figure | Star Wars Pyjamas | Chewbacca Plush

Hi blog friends!!

This is honestly my favourite type of post to write because I flippin' love Disney and searching through the Disney Store and Truffle Shuffle for amazing Disney gems is my favourite past time. This wishlist is actually pretty full because I have been absolutely converted to Star Wars but more on that later haha.

First up are the 101 Dalmatians classic Vans, I am dying to get something from this Vans range because this was my FAVOURITE Disney film when I was younger and I just adore these classic Vans and the colour.
Okay so before I went to see The Force Awakens I was NEVER a Star Wars fan but OH MY GOD I WAS MISSING OUT SO MUCH! I have now watched every single film about 3 times each so when I saw this t-shirt I knew I wanted it because it's not too in your face Star Wars but obviously is a little which I like haha!
I have included a few of these prints before and maybe even this Sleeping Beauty one, but I think they are absolutely stunning and would love to get some to put in some nice frames and hang them up, but unfortunately in my uni flat we aren't allowed to put things on the walls so I'll just have to wait till I get my own place haha.
I love Disney jewellery because you can wear it and it's not too in your face and this Chip necklace is SO adorable and Chip is one of my favourite characters.
Recently I have been really into the whole Tinker Bell/Fairy side of Disney, I don't particularly like Tink in Peter Pan but I love her films and this mug is from the Swing in to Spring collection at DLP and I love the colours on it and the drawing of Tink is beautiful.
I'm a collector of Funko Pop's (read my last post here) and I have wanted this Rapunzel and Pascal for soooo long but it is always sold out so next time I see it in stock I'm just going to bite the bullet haha.
I love the Britto collection that you can get at the Disney Parks and I really want either the Belle or Minnie, but this is a mini Marie which would fit absolutely perfectly on my Disney fireplace, Marie is my all time favourite Disney character and I love her bow it looks so cute!
Okay so the last 2 things are, yes Star Wars haha. 
First are these amazing pyjamas from TopShop, I love these because the picture is from the original set of films (which are my faves!) and I just love that picture, also the shorts are so cute! 
Lastly is this ADORABLE Chewie plushie. Chewie is definitely my favourite Star Wars character (plus Han) and I swear if you can meet him a WDW I'm going to cry. I just love him and this plushie is too cute not to want/need!

What Disney things are you loving right now!?

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. Love this wishlist. The Chip necklace is so cute, I actually had the Mrs Potts one on a recent wishlist post ;) I have one of those prints but in Beauty & the beast and have it with lots of photos printed from my Disney trips, they're so nice.

    Moments with Belle

  2. That sleeping beauty print is so subtle and beautiful!

  3. That mug is so cute!
    Charlotte //

  4. I haven't seen the Rapunzel Pop figurine yet!! It's so cute!!! =)

    Love that Sleeping Beauty print!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill


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