Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life | A Little Catch Up

Hi blog friends!!

As you can tell from how little I have been posting that something is up, well that sounds super dramatic but I am just SO busy at the moment and when I say busy I mean B U S Y!!! 
I have had so many deadlines and presentations that I haven't had time for anything or anyone. 
My siblings told me how much your work load increases in 3rd year but I definitely wasn't ready for this. I have work coming out my ears, my bedroom now looks like the horror section in a library, there are books literally everywhere and pieces of paper with dissertation notes on sprawled over my floor its hard not to stand on them. Oh and incase you're wondering why it looks like the horror section, my dissertation is about mothers in horror and their role in the creation of monstrous feminines, I know doesn't that sound super exciting haha!! I was reading a book the other day that would not stop using the phrase 'phallic fantasy' (because most of the approaches towards this subject are psychoanalytic) and every time I read it I gave a little shudder! Why does psychoanalysis have to be so, well...sexual, thanks Freud!

But going back to life it doesn't help that insomnia has made a re-appearance, I think I'm in a vicious cycle of being so stressed I can't sleep but sleep is the one thing I really need to get all this work done to a high standard. I find myself awake at 4am willing my eyes to shut for more that 10 seconds but alas I can't. This lack of sleep and need to get everything done has triggered my trichotillomania to go into hyper drive and I now have a lovely bald patch just behind my left ear as I tend to pull out the underneath layer of hair, so it's hair down at all times right now.

Blogging really has taken a backseat in my priorities list, but now I have time to actually blog I am going to blog my socks off. 

Thank you to all you lovely people for reading my blog even though I haven't been around as much, I just hit 12,000 page views and it made me so happy, so thank you so much and I promise not to go away for this long again (or at least I'll try haha)

Oh and before I go I want to give a massive shoutout to Jemma (Dorkface) for creating my absolutely adorable new blog header, I love it so much she's such a talented little bean, Jem if you're reading this you're the best!!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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  1. You are the best!! Thank you so much lovely.

    Im so sorry your insomnia has reappeared, that must be awful! :(
    Sending you so much love!


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