Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life | Recent Happiness #1

Hi blog friends!!

I see bloggers doing posts like this all the time and I think they are so lovely to read that I wanted to share my recent happy moments (recent meaning from mid September to now haha).

My Birthday

See I told you recent meant not really that recent. I was thinking about it the other day and all I could do was smile because it was honestly the most amazing weekend of my life (so far). I have made a scrapbook of all our pictures and memories and it just made me so happy. 


OKAY ARE YOU KIDDING THIS IS INSANE! So my dad got this picture of me dressed as Belle drawn for me for my birthday and can we just appreciate how absolutely amazing this is! When I opened this picture I was in the queue to meet Minnie Mouse and as if I wasn't already excited at the fact it was my birthday and I was meeting Minnie, Dad hits me with all the feels! Basically he sent a picture of me to an artist and they drew me! The resemblance is literally uncanny and I always look at it and remember that I'm a princess! Here's a big version in case you can't see it in the top picture!!

Disney Trip #2

For my uni course we get the option to do a Disney module (which obviously I'm taking!) and we have an upcoming field trip to DLP (you can imagine how incredibly excited I was when my lecturer told us about it). So I have paid all my deposit money and chosen my room mates and now all we have to do is wait! 
For this trip I have also purchased another pair of Queen Ursula UK ears with my next 2 favourite Princesses on (Belle and Aurora are on my other ears) try and guess them in the comments! So when I get them expect to see them on my twitter and other social media.
I'm so excited for this trip because it will be completely different to my birthday trip, I'm so excited to go with all my friends but mainly just to go back to the happiest place on earth! 

It's Finally Getting Cold!

I love Autumn/Winter and I absolutely love the cold weather, some people think I'm absolutely mental for thinking this but oh well. I love being able to dress up all cosy and warm, wearing big scarfs and coats and drinking hot chocolate okay I could go on for hours! BUT IT MEANS HALLOWEEN IS COMING AND I CAN'T WAIT AHHHHH!!!! 
Speaking of Halloween, my latest post about my Halloween Decorations made me happy because I had so much fun writing it and also getting all the items so check it out here!

I Hit 900 Followers On Twitter

I hate jinxing something like this but I finally hit the big 900 and the next milestone is 1000 which is MENTAL! My followers fluctuate so much, one day I'll have 900 then 905 then 898 then 900 again but for 2 days now it has stayed over 900 and I want to thank everyone for following me, it really does mean so much to have your support and also thank you for being interested in my boring life haha (wow sell yourself Katy) if you want to follow me or just check out my page the link is here!

My Dissertation

This is definitely the one thing I have on my mind at all times now, my dissertation for university! So far I have met with my supervisor a couple of times and it is coming along leaps an bounds. Im really enjoying it which is something I didn't think I would say (although you wouldn't do a dissertation on something you didn't enjoy). Mine is based on the monstrous female in horror looking at motherhood and themes of sexuality to explore why these monsters act the way they do. Im thinking about doing a sort of dissertation series on my blog as it may help some people, leave a comment if you would be interested to see my journey!!

Seeing London & Fall Out Boy

So on the 12th (Oct) Bob and I took a day trip into Central London and did some exploring which was SO fun. We went to the big department stores and got ourselves a few treats in the form of incredible cakes from Fortnum & Mason. We explored Covent Garden and also went in to literally every Disney Store in Central haha! We had dinner at Pizza Express on Bond Street then hopped on the Jubilee all the way to Wembley Park as we were going to see Fall Out Boy at the SSE Arena and OH MY FREAKING GOSH THEY WERE SO FANTASTIC I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE!!!!!! The tickets were for Bobs birthday but I bought them in February I think it was so we had been waiting ages for this concert. They were absolutely flawless, it honestly sounded like they were playing a record, at one point they came right out into the audience and sang Immortals acoustic and we were so close to them, it was seriously the most amazing day & night!

What has made you happy recently?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. I love reading personal posts too! they are one of my favourites! I'm in the midst of writing my dissertation now too (final year is scary isn't it!) Your topic is really interesting, what course are you studying at the moment? I love your blog too! xx

    1. Final year is the scariest thing ever!! I'm studying Screen Media :) thank you so much xxx


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