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Life | Cedar Falls Health Farm & Spa Weekend Getaway

Hi blog friends!!

So last weekend my mum, sister and myself went on a very special trip to somewhere I have wanted to go to since I was about 15. Just outside Taunton in Devon is a beautiful health farm & spa called Cedar Falls and as a treat from mum we got to stay for the weekend!

Charlie and I left London on the Friday afternoon after a very stressful battle with late trains and missing busses, we stayed in Bristol on Friday night in a Travelodge and went out for the nicest meal at Las Iguanas, lots of cocktails were ordered and the biggest catch up known to man I think we stayed in there for like 4 hours just chatting!

Early the next day we set off on our journey to Cedar Falls, it only took around an hour and 10 minutes. When we arrived we headed straight to the indoor pool/spa area, put on our robes and I'm literally not exaggerating that is how we stayed the whole 2 days (apart from dinner)! We also booked all our treatments, all of us booked an aromatherapy massage, I booked a manicure and mum booked reflexology. After we took full advantage of the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and pool. 
My massage was the most incredible thing ever, I swear the woman was magic I told her my back was hurting due to working at a computer and all she did was push down on it and my back literally felt new haha! In our little chat before the massage she asked if I had anxiety and if I slept well and when I said yes I do and no I don't she recommended me to take magnesium, which I'm doing and sleeping is easier now, so I totally recommend trying out magnesium!
Since aromatherapy is all about letting the oils do most of the work you have to pick he right scent for how you want to feel. I chose energised as I am feeling so tired all the time. The scent was peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet almond oil and it was absolutely heavenly. Included in the massage was a mini facial and hair mask using this amazing pink hair mud. We all didn't wash it off till our evening showers and our hair felt AMAZING!!

About 15 minutes after my massage I had my manicure and I couldn't have chosen a more autumnal/blogger colour, it was called pumpkin delight which is a copper/orange tone with SO much glitter. What I love about it is in some lights it looks a rose gold as well, oh its just so perfect! You also get to keep the nail varnish after your manicure so you can touch it up when you please.

So after a long day of reading magazines, lounging around and getting spa treatments we headed down for dinner (in real clothes it was horrible!). The food there was absolutely incredible, I had lamb with potatoes, veg and a pea puree and for pudding we all had the most delicious chocolate pot, thinking about it is making me salivate haha. We also spent about 4 hours at this dinner chatting as well, and it was really nice because we chatted about literally everything and I even got to talk about my trichotillomania which is something I haven never spoken to mum and charlie about.

The next day we woke up and went straight down for breakfast in our robes! Breakfast was really tasty and afterwards we went straight down to the pool to relax, have a swim and a sauna and a little snooze. After mum had come back from her reflexology we ordered a bit of afternoon tea and biscuits but sadly our time at the spa was coming to an end so at around 2pm we started to get ready to leave and make the arduous journey back to London (3 hours on a coach is as bad as it sounds).

I had the most amazing time and it was so relaxing. It was also amazing to get to spend time with mum and charlie as I hardly ever see them. I am so grateful to my mum for taking us and being beyond generous. Thank you mum because I know you're reading this, I love you! I also highly recommend Cedar Falls for a weekend getaway, the whole hotel is absolutely stunning, the rooms are beautiful and comfy, everyone is so friendly and helpful, oh and the food is incredible!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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