Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Music | My Favourite Movie Soundtracks

Hi blog friends!! 

Being a film student it will come as no surprise that I would rather listen to a film soundtrack than chart music, I just find scores to be so moving and can stir so many more emotions than a song about asking people what they mean (Justin Bieber)! 

As I write this post I am actually listening to a playlist on Spotify called 'Movie Scores Study' there are some absolutely cracking pieces of music on this playlist and also doing an essay is 100 times easier when listening to fantastic scores. 
I just can't believe how beautiful some of these songs are, a personal fave is the theme to Jurassic Park but come on how can you not absolutely LOVE that piece of genius!
I think most people forget about soundtracks as I'm sure many people would rather listen to music with lyrics in, but sometimes powerful movie music is all you need. 
I think there is nothing better than getting a cup of tea and sitting down to relax with a few movie tunes. Sometimes music with no words says a lot more than music with lyrics. 
GUYS JURASSIC PARK JUST CAME ON AND I THINK I MIGHT CRY!!!! I'm just gonna have to take a minute.

My love of film scores started when I was in year 10 (about 14 or 15) when I started to study film properly for my GCSE's and I distinctly remember re-watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and thinking that the music was simply stunning and made the film come to life!
I have always been one for wanting to live inside a film and maybe that is why I am so attached to scores, as when I listen to them I can't help but become immersed by them and pretend I'm living inside the film (this definitely happens with the HP soundtracks haha)!

The 4 scores I turn to on a regular basis are:

The Grand Budapest Hotel Score by Alexandre Desplat

The Jurassic Park Score by John Williams

Any Harry Potter Score by Nicholas Hooper

Go have a listen to them, they're all fantastic!
What are your favourite movie soundtracks?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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  1. I always listened to movie soundtracks when doing uni work! The Hobbit was a personal favourite of mine, because if two little hobbits can take on Middle Earth, I could definitely manage a dissertation haha! I've not listened to the Grand Budapest Hotel before so will have to give that a listen when I next need a soundtrack!

    Laura xx


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