Saturday, 26 September 2015

Life | 21 For 21

Hi blog friends!!

Today is the day I turn 21.

I can't actually believe I have survived 21 crazy years but somehow I'm still here! So I thought I would share with you 21 facts about myself that you might or might not know.

1. Lets start obvious, I love Disney like A LOT, in fact I am at Disneyland Paris right this very second!

2. I used to have 2 cats Harry & Sally and they were the coolest cats I have ever known

3. When I leave uni I want to work in social media management or PR

4. I detest popcorn (even writing the name made me feel queasy)

5. My favourite flavour of sweets is lemon, especially Skittles

6. Writing this blog makes me incredibly happy

7. My favourite director is Wes Anderson

8. My favourite colour is blue

9. I have a massive obsession with wolves!!

10. I sometimes wish I was a child again

11. I have just started a collection of Funko Pop's and so far I have Aurora, Honey Lemon, Belle, Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, BMO, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Lemongrab and finally my absolute favourite Lumpy Space Princess (I dressed up as her once and it was fantastic!)

12. My boyfriend is my best friend and I don't care if that makes me lame, I love him!

13. I don't think 13 is an unlucky number

14. Once a moth flew into my face and I threw my laptop at it, except the laptop hit the wall...

15. I want 3 dogs when I'm older, I have already named them and everything, a Sausage Dog called Hercules, a Pug called Boudica and a Shetland Sheepdog called Athena. I also want 2 cats Rosie and Sqidge

16. Horror films are my favourite genre. I am writing my dissertation on Horror

17. The one place on earth I would love to visit is Japan

18. I really want to go sky diving and bungee jumping 

19. I would love to work for Disney one day

20. When I was younger I loved chocolate mousse so much I used to rub it all over my face (I've always been an attention seeker)

21. Don't tell anyone but, I'm secretly a Disney Princess!!!

So there you go my 21 for 21! 
It's scary to think that next year I will be able to sing 22 by T Swift and mean it!! Well happy birthday to me I guess!

I also just want to say thank you to everyone who reads this or has followed me you guys mean the world to me!

Lots of love 
Princess Katy xxx

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  1. Firstly HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you're having the best time. Secondly, this blog is probably my favourite of yours so far. I literally am loling so much hahaha! I also have questions... Why Wes Anderson? Any particular reason? and why Japan? I agree with you about Lemon flavoured things. Lemon is the best. I think we should go bungee jumping together, because that is sooo on my to do list :O And finally... I am still loling about the moth/chocolate mousse hahahah! Can't wait to read the next blog. Have a great day Disney Princess <3 xoxoxox P.S. You look stunning in the pic at the top!


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