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Disney | Disneyland Paris Haul

Hi blog friends!!

As some of you may know I have just got back from Disneyland Paris for my 21st birthday. It was the most amazing trip so expect some DLP posts very soon. 
Today I thought I would show you what I bought in the parks and in the Disney Village. 
The merch in Disney is all so amazing and if I had the money (and room in my suitcase) I would have bought absolutely everything! 

*Disclaimer I am not trying to show off or anything, I was lucky enough to be given some birthday euros so was able to afford these things*

Since I have an ever growing Tsum Tsum collection I couldn't resist buying a few there was a pretty average selection to be honest which I was surprised by, so I only got 3 in the end. 
The first one is Figaro from Pinocchio as he is one of my favourite characters, then Jaq from Cinderella which is a Tsum I haven't been able to find in England and I think he might be a DLP exclusive so couldn't let the opportunity pass and the last Tsum I purchased was Duffy Bear, if you read my latest Disney Wishlist you'll know I have been looking for this Tsum for SO long so obviously I was going to pick him up! These all cost €5.99.

Since you can't go to Disney and not meet characters I got an autograph book and pen for €10 I think in our hotel shop. We actually only met Mickey & Minnie, which I am definitely not complaining about as it was the first time I have ever met Mickey (on my birthday so it was very special for me). 
We decided to purchase a few of the professional photos from the meet & greets with the Photo Pass system. The photos are absolutely beautiful and really capture just how happy I was to meet them! I would definitely recommend the Photo Pass!

Next I got a few Princess items (and Thor). 
Firstly is one of the Princesses shoe representations (which are actually Christmas decorations), I couldn't decide between Snow & Rapunzel but settled for Rapunzel as I just preferred the heel on the Punzie shoe (it is her hair when it has been braided and has flowers in, it's so cute!). I didn't get the Belle shoe as I thought it was just really boring compared to the other shoes! But instead I picked up a Belle keyring which is SO adorable, they had most of the Princesses but obviously I was going to get Belle, I also picked up Thor as he is my favourite Avenger.
Finally I purchased one of the absolutely beautiful canvas drawings of Belle. I think the way she is drawn is stunning and I can't wait to hang it up and show her off!

Next are a few Minnie/Mickey items and pins.
I couldn't stop looking at this Minnie plate and every shop we went in to I would pick it up and be like 'but do I need this' and every time my head said yes, so in the end I thought who cares and got it haha! I want to use this for blog photos as it is just so cute. 
Next I got some Mickey head cookie cutters. I have wanted some of these for ages now and couldn't find any cheap ones or ones that actually looked like Mickeys head, so when Bob found these I was so happy. They come in 3 sizes as well which is perfect.
Next are my favourite purchases without a doubt from the trip. 
I have always wanted to collect the Disney pins but never really knew what it was about, so after finding out a bit more about it I knew I wanted to get some this trip. 
I got the lanyard in the Tower of Terror shop for €9.99 and along with this I picked up the Belle, Aurora, Marie and Main Street DLP pins. I was annoyed that they didn't have the Tower of Terror ride pin as that is my favourite ride at Disney, but luckily we went into another shop and they had the ToT pin as well as the castle pin. 
All the pins that I got cost either €6.99 or €7.99 but some of them are a lot more it just depends on how detailed the pin is. 
When I go back to DLP in November hopefully I can do a few swaps with cast members.

I finally got a Duffy Bear!!!!! After a lot of umming and ahhhing I decided I would get a Duffy because he is the official bear of Disney and I just had to have him. He is the softest plush I have ever touched. I didn't really want him to be naked so bought him the Donald Duck costume. I think when I go back in November I am going to get him the Pinocchio costume!

I got some sweets for my family and friends. The lollies are for my housemates and then I got my family these Maoam type sweets which we used to have as kids so it was very nostalgic and plus they are so tasty!

The last item I got was actually bought for me by my wonderful boyfriend. These are the Mickey head earrings with my birthstone in them. They were on the pricier side so I was VERY grateful he got these for me. I think they are so beautiful and are small and subtle enough to not scream Disney so I can wear them everyday!!

I also picked up 2 perfumes in Duty Free on the way out, My Burberry by Burberry and Ghost Girl by Ghost.

I am honestly so thankful for the generosity of my family and my boyfriend for making it possible to purchase these items. 
When I go back in November there will most probably be another DLP haul! 
I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the items Disney has to offer!

What was your favourite item?! What would you get at DLP?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. Hope you had an amazing birthday trip! I'm so jealous lol, I'd love to visit DisneyLand!! Everything in this haul is soooo cute, especially the earrings...I need!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  2. Everything just looks amazing. I love Disney, seeing all these made my urge to go even bigger. Hope you had a lovely Birthday trip xx


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