Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Disney | Disney Wishlist #2

Hi blog friends!!

It's that time again!! Another Disney wishlist (here is the first one in case you missed it), which I admit is a long time over due! I have been gathering a very, VERY long list of all the Disney items I have been loving and most certainly needing, so to narrow it down to these 9 things is pretty impressive I would say!

Ever since buying my Belle plush I have wanted Aurora, her being my second favourite princess and all. Her dress looks so pretty and if it is anything like Belle's I know it will be! These canvas drawings of the princesses are so intricate and detailed, I love this one of Snow and I also like the Rapunzel one. Britto is a new edition to the Disney collectables range and they are AMAZING! So colourful and pretty, this one of Belle is perfect as it is mainly blue, my favourite colour! Since I'm about to go back to Uni, stationery is key right now and this Lady & the Tramp notebook is perfect as it is A5 size, there is also an adorable Bambi one. I cannot get over how cute this Marie top is, I have also had 'Everybody Wants To Be A Cat' stuck in my head the whole time I have been writing this post! For some reason I cannot find a link to a Duffy Bear Tsum Tsum anywhere but oh well, I have been so obsessed with Duffy recently and I don't know why, maybe it's because you can only really buy merch for him in WDW, so that makes him more appealing haha! Dumbo is one of my new found favourites, I adore little Dumbo and this Tsum Tsum style mug is just the definition of cute, the Dumbo Tsum is actually one of my favourites so I couldn't resist popping this guy in my wishlist! I have wanted this lip balm for ages and its been sold out for as long as I can remember so Truffle Shuffle please re-stock it, like now! Finally I stumbled across this t-shirt whilst on Easy and just fell in love, I love the fact its so plain but yet every time I see it I start singing the song haha I also really like the font!

That is just a handful of all the Disney items I have been loving and wanting (needing haha). 
What is your favourite item in the wishlist?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. I love the Aurora doll so much! I've been lusting after the Ariel for so long now!


    1. Isn't she beautiful! I just love all the princess plushies, I want them all haha! xxx


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