Saturday, 19 September 2015

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Hi blog friends!!

I have been super busy with my challenge week at uni this week so haven't had time to even plan any posts, so today I thought I would tidy my room and then blog to my hearts content, which means I have planned like 2 posts haha!

Over the past few weeks I have been absolutely LOVING MAC! Like it is without a doubt my new obsession and whilst I love that my bank account certainly doesn't but I don't care! I have bought a fair few things from them recently and thought I would share with you guys what I purchased and my thoughts on them.

Firstly I bought 2 lipsticks and a lip pencil from MAC in Plymouth's House of Fraser. I tweeted about this because the woman who served me was absolutely amazing and so helpful but I didn't catch her name which annoyed me! I only went in to get Media but because she was so lovely I ended up getting 2 other items as well! So I got Media which is a satin finish lipstick in a deep reddish purple and looks absolutely amazing next to my fair skin. I love a really bold lip, especially in the Autumn/Winter months and plus I'd rather have a bold lip than bright and bold eye shadow.
To go with Media I got the Currant lip pencil which is pretty much a perfect match to the colour of Media, I'm so glad I got a liner though as dark colours tend to be very hard for me to get exactly right and if you make a mistake it's very noticeable!
The second lipstick I picked up was Brick-O-La. This is an amplified creme finish and my absolute favourite out of my whole lipstick collection! It is a mid berry toned red and looks so beautiful on the lips, I just love everything about this lipstick!!

Top to bottom:
Ruby Woo
Currant lip pencil

I was browsing the MAC website and chose 2 more lipsticks (I need them okay, well that's what I'm telling myself haha). The first was Chatterbox which I'm pretty sure a lot of people have but I have only just caught up with the band wagon! This lipstick is also an amplified creme finish and is a reddish pink. It is such a lovely colour and a lot brighter than I was expecting which I love!
The second and final lipstick I purchased was Ruby Woo. This is a gorgeous bright blue toned red with a retro matte finish. Im a big fan of the matte lip and also because this red is blue toned it goes perfectly with my skin tone! Overall I am infatuated by MAC lipsticks right now and I feel like nothing can beat them (well nothing in my price range haha). I would definitely recommend Brick-O-La and Chatterbox.

I also bought  my first ever MAC eye shadow when I was going through their website. I have heard a lot about this colour and I know that Gabby from Velvet Gh0st has this (she was also the reason I bought this haha). I bought the colour Woodwinked which is a warm gold toned eye shadow and I think I might be in love with it and I haven't even used it yet haha!
It is a beautiful gold colour, almost like a burnt gold with tons of shimmer in it!
This eye shadow is going to look amazing for Autumn/Winter eye looks paired with my Naked 3 palette and I can't wait to try it out!

What are your favourite MAC products?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. I'm due a big MAC splurge soon, and definitely think Brick-O-La will have to be added to my collection :)

    Claire | | xx

    1. Exciting, oh my gosh do it!!!! Seriously it is my new all time favourite, it's such a beautiful colour! xxx


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