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Top 5 Disney/Pixar Animated Films

Hi blog friends!!

Now it's no surprise to you by now that I am a lover of all things Disney and today is no exception! The weather in the UK at the moment is absolutely dire and there is NOTHING better than grabbing a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, putting on your comfy clothes and sticking on a Disney film to make you feel better, I've heard that Disney films can cure anything which I think is a solid fact haha! So today I am going to share with you my ultimate top 5 Disney animated films, now this was the hardest decision of my life and must have taken me around 3 hours to figure out, as narrowing down all 54 films to just 5 was a tough job and I bet would be for anyone! But I finally decided on a list and well, here it is!

Beauty and the Beast
MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE DISNEY FILM EVER!!!! Okay so this one wasn't hard for me, Beauty and the Beast is and always will be my favourite Disney animated film ever! Belle is just beautiful (it's no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got no parallel) and I have wanted to be her since I was little! Everything about this film is perfect, the songs, the characters, the story, everything. Gaston is definitely up there with my favourite Disney villains, he is so realistic (come on we all know a Gaston)! My favourite line from any Disney song is in Beauty and the Beast as well, in the song Something There when Mrs. Potts says 'well ooh indeed' I always laugh at that because it is so adorable! Oh and don't even get me started on that ballroom scene, I think I might cry just thinking about it!

Sleeping Beauty
I hadn't watched this film until a few weeks ago and the fact that I have already watched it three times since just shows my love for it! I think the story is really cute and the good fairies are all so great in their own ways! Fauna is hilarious when she is trying to make the cake, it makes me giggle every time! Maleficent is my favourite Disney villain ever, she's so sassy and powerful and absolutely terrifying, I have been meaning to watch the Maleficent film for ages now so I think that will be my next watch. Princess Aurora herself is, well as her name suggests beautiful and when her and Prince Phillip are singing Once Upon A Dream I literally melt, this song is now up there in my top 5 Disney songs, I just love it when the owl is wearing Phillip's cloak and starts dancing with Rose (if you haven't seen the film, the good fairies rename her Briar Rose to keep her identity hidden).

This is a Disney classic, and you can't not have an animal film in your Disney faves! This was one of the first Disney films I ever watched or can remember watching with my mum, I think this is where my love of cats started! I absolutely adore Marie, she is my favourite female animal character from any Disney film, she's just so adorable and her little pink bow is so iconic! The whole Edgar scenario is so funny and all the trouble he causes just to get rid of Duchess and the kittens, especially when he is trying to steal back his things from Napoleon and Lafayette and Napoleon keeps smelling everything exactly right like the one wheeled haystack haha! My favourite name in the whole world came from watching this film, Amelia like the goose!

Big Hero Six
I am literally obsessed with this film! This is one of the best animations I have seen in ages! First off I love that this is a Marvel comic, as I adore Marvel but the whole of the film is just genius from the characters, to the plot, to the twists and turns and the absolute cutie that is Baymax. Hello I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion! The part when Baymax has low battery and needs to charge and is acting completely drunk is beyond relatable because we have all looked like that at one point (freshers). The film is honestly fantastic (plus they use Fall Out Boy Immortals so win) and Honey Lemon is my gal, she's so fab and lovely!

Now my last space was so hard, I had a few contenders including Hercules, Mulan and Lady and the Tramp, but I am giving my last space to Tangled because Repunzel is 100% the most relatable princess personally for me as she's so oblivious to most things but very intelligent at the same time, she also has such a lust to see the world and always experience more and I can totally relate to that! But film wise this film is funny, scary, sad and happy, a real roller coaster of emotions which is why I love it! This film contains my absolute favourite scene ever and I'm sure this is other people's favourite as well, is when Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal are on the boat watching the lanterns fly across the water and Rapunzel picks up her parents lantern and pushes it higher, this scene makes me cry every single time without fail and this is mainly down to the song 'I See the Light'! 

So there you go, this was such a hard decision like I said I had to miss out some like Hercules, The Little Mermaid and Frozen! What are your favourite Disney films?! 

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. I adore Disney! Especially the classics, Snow White is my fave but beauty and the beast comes a close second! Disney obsessed!! Xxx

    1. Nothing beats the classics! I love Snow White as well, it nearly got in but it was so hard to choose only 5! Love your blog as well :) xxx


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