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Review | Barry M Quick Dry Nail Polish

Hi blog friends!!

Whenever Barry M bring out a new type of nail polish, I can't help myself! Barry M do such great polishes in a wide range of colours which are very budget friendly! So when I heard they had brought out these quick dry polishes I knew I needed to try them. 
One of my biggest gripes with painting my nails is waiting years for it to dry, then it being too tacky and smudging and having to start all over again! 
I just don't have the time to be putting on 3 coats just so it looks good with each coat taking 15 minutes to dry!
Well step in these bad boys!

There is a wide range of pastel colours in this range, all with super cute names to do with car racing like Full Throttle, Pole Position and Turbo Charged.
I picked up 2 colours, Lap Of Honour and Pit Stop which were my 2 favourite colours and the last 2 of each so they must be popular colours. 
Pit Stop is a grey/nude tone and Lap Of Honour is mauve purple tone. I got both of these in Superdrug as they had a deal on which was buy 1 get the second half price (this is on all Barry M nail polishes not just the quick dry ones) which I thought was good, usually they are £3.99.

The consistency of the polishes is really nice, it's not too thin but not too gloopy or thick, the applicator is also one I haven't seen Barry M use before, it is a wide, flat brush much like the Bourjois 1 Second nail polish brush if you have seen them, which makes putting the product on super easy as it fits to the size of your nail instantly giving an even application. 
I found that 2 applications was enough to get a full coverage on the nails, the first coat dried within seconds maybe around 15/20 seconds on each nail and the second was just as quick! Both hands were finished and touch dry within 5 minutes which is amazing I couldn't believe it, I was very impressed! Props to Barry M!

I have been wearing these polishes now for nearly a week and NO CHIPS I repeat NO CHIPS! Now that is what I call magic, usually my nail polish chips within the first 2 days so to be nearly a week without a casualty is amazing! 
I really love both of colours and think they will be a nice edition to my Autumn nail polish collection when I don't want to wear a dark berry red or brown nude!

Overall these polishes are really great quality, have amazing staying power and do exactly what they say on the can they dry very speedily! I would definitely recommend trying them out. 
Check out the full range of colours here.

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. I love the Barry M nail paints and I have yet to try these, they grey colour looks beautiful!

    Jem |

    1. Barry M is one of my favourite brands for nail polishes! xxx

  2. Barry M are the ultimate go to for nail varnishes! I particularly love this range as I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to harden (resulting in many strops and angry outbursts). The colours in this collection are so cute too, they would compliment any skin tone. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Absolutely! Haha I'm so impatient as well! Yeh the colours are super pretty I want to try 'In A Heart Beat' xxx


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