Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Homeware Haul | Uni Bedroom

Hi blog friends!!

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip specifically for homeware items for my bedroom at university (not halls, my flat).
I went to 2 places, Primark and The Range and thought I would share with you what I got! Hope you enjoy!

As you know I LOOOVE Primark, so this was obviously my first port of call, as all their homeware items are super cute and super affordable!

Firstly I got 2 sets of fairy lights, 1 pack is rose gold circular lanterns and the other is normal fairy lights. As you can see the lanterns were £6 and the normal ones £2.50! They are both battery operated, which for me isn't a problem as I am going to hang them on my headboard and there isn't a free plug near so that is perfect!

Next I picked up this adorable lime green hanging plaque with says 'Happiness This Way' for £2. I think this is so cute and I am going to hang it on my bed post to remind me that happiness is inside my bed haha! I know you can get a lot of these types of plaques on eBay but they can be a bit expensive so this is a great cheap alternative, I love signs like these! I think they are a really nice when you're having a down day and remind you to think positive!

Now I went a bit candle mad (sorry not sorry) and got 3 types of candles from Primark. Firstly I picked up these 3 unscented candles in these gorgeous copper tea light holders for £3 and to go in the holders when I have burned those candles I got some White Tea & Peony tea lights £1.30 for 30, which smell incredible! My boyfriend actually picked this scent out which I was very surprised about haha (thanks bob) and lastly I got this incredible Watermelon & Citronella candle that smells exactly like watermelon Jolly Ranchers (if you haven't smelt them then really just like sweet fake watermelon) and I adore the colour of this candle as well it's a lovely sea-foam greeny/turquoise and that was £1.50.

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to have it! It is this really lovely chalkboard weekly planner for £5. I got this because when I go back to uni it will be dissertation time and I will need a visual planner for planning out what topics I will write about and how much I will write on each day etc. I will also use this for blogging and any events coming up so I can keep organised and use my time wisely. I think this is a really fun way to plan out your week and personally I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is. It also comes with 2 pieces of chalk, however no where to put the chalk so I think I am gonna get a little bag and attach it to the top so I have a place to store it.

I had seen this Earl Grey tea light holder for £2.50 before in Primark and thought it was really cute but never actually picked it up, so this time I thought why not! I don't know if I will use this to burn candles in as I think it's such a pretty decoration, it has this lovely coppery effect inside and is really sturdy, so I think I might just put it on my windowsill as decoration.
These coasters are honestly the cutest thing ever, I literally love them. They are cork coasters with a rose gold boarder and a slate effect in the middle. As I usually keep a big tumbler of water beside my bed I needed a coaster as I have ring marks on my desk, and that is not a good look! As they are slate effect you can write on them in chalk, so I think I will put cute little quotes on them and put them around my bedroom. These little cuties were £2 (bargain!).

To finish off my Primark haul I picked up this beyond adorable cushion (right) that says 'Hello' on it for £5. I will admit it isn't the comfiest or softest pillow but I think it's so cute plus it kind of looks like it says 'hella' and that made me laugh and my rule is, if it makes you laugh it must be purchased (it's not my real rule is only buy it if you're going to use the product as many times as the amount of pounds for example if a shirt costs £20 will you wear 20 times? If no put it back, if yes buy it, and my friends can tell you I actually live by this rule haha) SIDETRACKED, anyway back to the haul! The second pillow (left) is from the second place that I went on my little homeware adventure and that was The Range.
I'm not sure if The Range is nationwide or what not, leave a comment if you have a Range and if you do don't you LOVE it?!
So I have been wanting this cushion for so so so long and I am super happy I got it, again it isn't the softest of pillows but IT'S A WOLF and I cannot resist anything with a wolf on them being my absolute favourite animal and all! This cushion was £7.99 which I don't think is too bad also their range of cushions is massive, so if you love cushions that's the place to go!

Finally, I picked up these three items, firstly was this really lovely black and white tea light holder which was £1.29 and this amazing rose gold candle holder for £2.49, and again I will probably use this holder for something else, maybe my jewellery as I think it's too nice to get all waxy, it's so shiny inside and it is such a lovely colour! Lastly I picked up this gorgeous smelling orange blossom candle in a lovely red frosted glass jar for £1.99. Orange blossom is one of my favourite scents, it's very sweet but fresh, it reminded me of orange skittles!

So that was my homeware haul for my uni bedroom, I hope you enjoyed reading about what I got and honestly I cannot recommend Primark home enough, it's so affordable and has some really lovely items! Also how gorgeous are my mums new roses (thank you for letting me steal them). What was your favourite item in the haul?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx


  1. What a gorgeous little homeware haul! :) Primark is opening in September in my town, so I can't wait to get some bedroom essentials x

    1. Thank you! Oooh that's so exciting, definitely pop in all the stuff at the moment is super cute xxx


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