Monday, 31 August 2015

Beauty | August Favourites

Hi blog friends!!

Since August is over and we carry on into my BIRTHDAY MONTH (woo), it's time for another monthly favourites! This year is going so ridiculously fast, I can't keep up! 
Over August I didn't really buy many new things or use anything different so my favourites is pretty small this month.

Firstly, randomly is this Mitchum flower fresh deodorant because the smell is amazing, Mitchum is probably my favourite brand for deo as it works so well and they all smell so fresh and lovely! 
MAC's lip liner in Whirl is a firm favourite this month, admittedly I only bought this because I read it is Kylie Jenner's favourite colour haha guilty! This goes perfectly with Lime Crime's Faded Velvetine and I have been wearing it combo most days. 
I love Superdrug's own face masks and this vitamin e hydrating moisture mask has been a saviour this month. August in Devon was so rainy and horrible and really took its toll on my skin, but I used this maybe 2 times a week and my skin is silky soft and hydrated.
I have had this face wash for a while now and rediscovered it this month. It is the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Daily Wash, it has a lime and tangerine scent which is refreshing, it is really good if you have oily skin as it dulls the shine, very handy!
POCKY oh my god, don't even get me started on Pocky, I have been eating so much of it in August, it's a delicious Japanese snack, a bit like Mikado but 1000 times more tasty! I love every flavour especially these strawberry ones, which is weird because I really hate strawberry tasting stuff! 
Not pictured, but my last favourite is the Barry M Quick Dry nail paint in the colour Pit Stop and you can read my review of it here!

What were some of your favourites this August?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Food | Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Hi blog friends!!

Smoothies nowadays are the BIG thing, everyone is obsessed with them you can't watch YouTube or go outside without seeing at least one person drinking a brightly coloured glass of goodness! But I can totally vouch as they are super tasty!
Although I feel like whenever I watch a video entitled 'easy green smoothie recipe' it is anything but easy, you have to have ingredients that only the richest 1% of the world can buy (okay yes exaggeration nation) but you get my drift! It's all, 'grab your kale and wheat grass and truffle oil and hemp powder and coconut water, chuck it in your Nutribullet and there you go' why can't you just use normal, nice tasting ingredients that most people will have instead of trying to make the most super healthy, toxic green concoction! 
I'd rather drink it because it tastes nice rather than just because it claims to make you some kind of 'superhuman'.

So with this in mind I came up with a 2 easy recipes for a green and red smoothie! I don't think they are too 'out there' ingredients wise (don't worry there is no kale involved) and I imagine most people will have them and if not they are cheap and accessible!

Green Smoothie:

For my green smoothie you are going to need:

1 Banana peeled & sliced
1/4 cup of Almond Milk (or milk of your choice)
1 1/4 cups of chopped & peeled Mango 
1 Peach peeled & sliced (I used these Princes peach slices in juice and used about 8/9 slices)
1/2 cup of Greek yoghurt or Greek style yoghurt
1 - 2 cups of Spinach (to taste)
Juice and zest of a Lime

Side note: sorry that everything is in cups, but I got these silver cups at Tesco for around £2!

I used a Blend Active to make my smoothies, but basically you just chuck all the ingredients into your blender of choice and whizz away until you have the consistency you want! Then all you do is pour into a glass and enjoy!

This smoothie should be nice and creamy and would be a great breakfast smoothie, it has a lovely kick from the lime which would definitely wake you up in the morning!

These Kilner mason jars were on offer in Homebase, I have wanted them for sooo long, so was very happy when I saw them!

Red Smoothie:

For my red smoothie you are going to need:

1 1/2 cups of Strawberries
1 cup of Blueberries
1/2 cup of Raspberries
2 TBSP of Honey
2 TSP of fresh Lemon juice
1/2 cup of ice cubes (usually around 6)
1/4 cup of Peach juice (optional)

ATTENTION: Now if you are using NON frozen fruit for this then you will NOT need the peach juice but if you are using frozen fruit like I did then the peach juice is ESSENTIAL! Otherwise it will just be a big frozen glob of nothingness! I just used the peach juice from the canned peaches!

Again, just like the green smoothie just throw all the ingredients into your chosen blender, whizz until you have your desired thickness (with this one it requires a bit more whizzing!), pop it in a glass and drink away!

This smoothie is a lot more juicy than the green one and would be perfect on a sunny day as it is so refreshing!

So there you have it! 2 healthy smoothies that are quick and simple and taste really lovely (if I do say so myself!). 
What is your favourite smoothie flavour?!

Let me know if you try them out, I'd love to see pictures, you can tweet me here!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Sunday, 30 August 2015

University | 5 Tips To Surving Freshers Week

Hi blog friends!!

Freshers week is coming up fast for anyone who is off to university this September, sadly this will be my last freshers (scary) and thought that I would share my 5 tips for surviving freshers, I kind of wish I had known these before I went off to uni so hopefully they might help you out!

Don't be afraid to be yourself!

Okay so this might not seem very helpful but honestly before I went to uni I was SO anxious and worried that no one would like me or I would make no friends and I'd have to pretend to be something I'm not. 
Well let me tell you, you WILL make friends believe me. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there, everyone is in the same boat and those people who seem really confident in your halls are probably just as scared as everyone else so don't let them put you off! Honestly just don't be afraid to be yourself, it is a fresh start after all!

Join in

If your halls/flat is having pre drinks, get involved! Don't just sit in your room hoping they'll come to you. If your halls/flat are all going out for dinner go with them and if they're going to another halls to see some friends, GO! 
You never know what will happen and you might even meet new friends or maybe even a looove interest haha! 
Get involved and make as many friends as possible and if that means you only want to make 2 friends make 2 friends and if you want everyone on campus to know who are make it happen! Don't let opportunities pass you by especially during freshers, just go for it and have fun! If you don't join in uni can be a very lonely place!

Don't do anything you don't want to do

Uni is a place of peer pressure I'm not going to lie! Different people have different interests and you will be asked at least five times on the first night of freshers if you 'have a cigarette' even if you don't! 
If you don't drink and you don't like drinking don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't like or want to do and yes you will inevitably be called 'boring' (you're not!) but ignore them, you don't have to drink to have fun! 
It is the same with smoking, just because one of your new friends is a smoker doesn't mean you automatically have to become one to fit in, 9 times out of 10 they won't care!

Go to your lectures!

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I went to every lecture in first year, because damn that would be a straight up lie! I think I went less than 50% and that was a massive mistake. Yes I know first year doesn't count but you still need 40% to pass and go into year 2. 
I can tell you from experience that even if you have a 9am lecture the day after student night (MCCLUSKY'S RIP), you CAN make it! 
If you keep missing lectures then you risk your lecturers having a bad impression of you and also you need to go to make friends with everyone on your course. 
During freshers you will have introduction lectures which will be important so even if you're so hungover you can't see properly, GO!

Have fun!

The most important thing is to have fun, enjoy meeting new interesting people, enjoy the freedom, enjoy the booze, enjoy the new surroundings, just always be having fun because this is the time when you can! 
If you're going to a uni in London go and explore, if you're going to Plymouth Uni go to Janners (Oceana) and Walkabout and visit the Hoe and the Barbican, wherever you're going take full advantage and make everyday an adventure! 
If you enjoy something and someone else enjoys it as well, get together and go do that thing that makes you both happy! Honestly uni will be a lot more bearable if you're having fun!

Hopefully these little tips help you out even just a bit! Have a fantastic freshers guys, it is beyond fun and there's a lot of fancy dress, what's better?! 
Are any of you off to uni?! Where you going and to study what?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Lifestyle | My Favourite Songs Right Now + Playlist

Hi blog friends!!

There are so many good songs out right now that I am really loving and some old classics that I have re-discovered thanks to watching 'The Nations Favourite 80's Number 1's' on ITV with my mum! 
I have around 9 songs that I cannot get enough of right now!

The Chemical Brothers – Go

I LOVE this song so much, I have always loved The Chemical Brothers and this is such a good come back song! I can't stop listening to it and the chorus is amazing!

One Direction - Drag Me Down

Who needs Zayn right?! I love this song, but then why wouldn’t I Niall sings more which is pretty much heaven haha! I hadn’t heard this till last week and I am hooked, it’s constantly been on replay.

Little Mix – Hair

So Little Mix released this the other day and I think I have already listened to it about 600 times! It’s such a fun song and I think it’s going to do really well!

T'Pau - China In Your Hand

OH MY GOD, okay so I adore this song I love the lyrics and well just everything! This was one of the gems I re-discovered and I am so happy I did, I love dancing around my bedroom to this haha!

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of The Heart

Another absolute belter! I like to try and mimic Bonnie’s voice when I’m singing this full volume in my room. Love this song and did you guys know that Meatloaf’s song writer wrote this for Bonnie and then Meatloaf got in a huff because he wanted it for himself!

Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me

I kept hearing this song everywhere and in the end had to Shazzam it when it came on in Oasis (the shop). This is a really great summer tune!

Charlie Puth (ft. Meghan Trainor) – Marvin Gaye

Now I am not Meghan Trainor’s biggest fan the only song I like is Lips are Moving but anyway I think this song is really catchy and I always find myself singing it, although I’m not entirely sure what ‘Let’s Marvin Gaye and get it on’ means?!

Little Mix - Black Magic

Still love this song, it’s a classic summer tune. I have a feeling people are probably sick of this song but I like it (Little Mix are my all-time guilty pleasure)

Fight Song - Rachel Platten 

This song is actually really nice if you listen to the lyrics, v emotional haha! This is going to be my song of 3rd year to help me get motivated!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my favourite songs at the moment and I have left the playlist so you can have a sing along to any songs! 
What are your favourite songs at the moment?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Review | Barry M Quick Dry Nail Polish

Hi blog friends!!

Whenever Barry M bring out a new type of nail polish, I can't help myself! Barry M do such great polishes in a wide range of colours which are very budget friendly! So when I heard they had brought out these quick dry polishes I knew I needed to try them. 
One of my biggest gripes with painting my nails is waiting years for it to dry, then it being too tacky and smudging and having to start all over again! 
I just don't have the time to be putting on 3 coats just so it looks good with each coat taking 15 minutes to dry!
Well step in these bad boys!

There is a wide range of pastel colours in this range, all with super cute names to do with car racing like Full Throttle, Pole Position and Turbo Charged.
I picked up 2 colours, Lap Of Honour and Pit Stop which were my 2 favourite colours and the last 2 of each so they must be popular colours. 
Pit Stop is a grey/nude tone and Lap Of Honour is mauve purple tone. I got both of these in Superdrug as they had a deal on which was buy 1 get the second half price (this is on all Barry M nail polishes not just the quick dry ones) which I thought was good, usually they are £3.99.

The consistency of the polishes is really nice, it's not too thin but not too gloopy or thick, the applicator is also one I haven't seen Barry M use before, it is a wide, flat brush much like the Bourjois 1 Second nail polish brush if you have seen them, which makes putting the product on super easy as it fits to the size of your nail instantly giving an even application. 
I found that 2 applications was enough to get a full coverage on the nails, the first coat dried within seconds maybe around 15/20 seconds on each nail and the second was just as quick! Both hands were finished and touch dry within 5 minutes which is amazing I couldn't believe it, I was very impressed! Props to Barry M!

I have been wearing these polishes now for nearly a week and NO CHIPS I repeat NO CHIPS! Now that is what I call magic, usually my nail polish chips within the first 2 days so to be nearly a week without a casualty is amazing! 
I really love both of colours and think they will be a nice edition to my Autumn nail polish collection when I don't want to wear a dark berry red or brown nude!

Overall these polishes are really great quality, have amazing staying power and do exactly what they say on the can they dry very speedily! I would definitely recommend trying them out. 
Check out the full range of colours here.

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Morning Routine

Hi blog friends!!

I love watching and reading about other people's morning routine's and the products they use and thought I would share mine, the time scale of 'morning' is an ambiguous one for me as I usually start getting ready at like 1pm haha but still, this is what I do most mornings, so here it is!

So the first thing I do is wake up (obviously Kathryn thanks) and scroll through all my social media's and reply to any emails I have, I usually spend most of my morning doing this because my bed is so cosy and this morning it was raining (surprise surprise, it is Summer after all) and I did not want to get out of bed! 
I thought I'd also show you my pyjamas (and grumpy face) they're a miss-match of Beauty and the Beast shorts from TopShop and a 'Thing 1' top from Universal Studios in Florida. I got this in 2009 and is actually a childs size medium and it still fits haha!!

Next I head downstairs and say hello to the fam, then I make myself a cup of white tea (it's better for you than green tea), grab a glass of really cold water and today I was feeling lazy so had a pain au chocolat for breakfast, I know it's not very healthy but oh well! Also check out that crazy bed hair!

Once I have finished my breakfast and chatted with Dad I head on upstairs for a shower, today I used both my shampoo and conditioner, Zoella's Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub and the Palmolive Mediterranean Moments shower gel in Argan Oil and Almond (the smell is heavenly!). Today's shower soundtrack was 'The Nations Favourite 80's Number 1's' which I can't stop listening too!

Once I'm out the shower I brush my teeth and mouthwash, at the moment I am using Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste and Colgate Plax Whitening mouthwash which leaves a really nice spearminty taste. 
Then I start my skincare routine, I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish in the Chamomile and Orange Flower scent. Whilst doing this I had a little dance to 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' by Wham haha! 
Also in the last picture fear not I am wearing a towel!

Then I carry on my routine upstairs in my bedroom, firstly I put in my contact lenses so I can finally see what I'm doing, because up till now I have just been guessing I'm using the right thing! 
I start by toning using the Liz Earle Skin Tonic on a cotton wool pad, sadly I have finished mine now so need to purchase another one very soon as this is my favourite toner!
I then move onto serum and right now I'm using the Nip+Fab Skin Dragons Blood Plumping Serum, which is really lovely and has a nice scent. I actually feel like my skin is a lot more plump and fresh since using this.
Then it's moisturiser time and I am using the La Roche Posay Nutritic Intense for dry skin, which is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling quenched and soft.

Then it's time for make up (my favourite part). Today on my face I used:

I don't know if you can see, but in the last picture, the earrings I am wearing are from Jemma's (Dorkface) Etsy shop and I am literally in love with them, they're little pink bows and they're so cute!!

A quick OOTD as well! I am wearing this Bardot top from New Look and also these petite white ripped knee jeans from New Look! (That is a make up sponge next to my foot in case you were wondering haha!)

I hope you enjoyed this, I really enjoyed doing this post and hopefully I will do one on my night-time routine in the near future!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Disney Collective Haul

Hi blog friends!!

Over the past month I have gathered a whole bunch of Disney items and thought I would share them with you, there's a whole mix of items here not just clothes and some of them are super exciting (for me). So I'll get right into it.

Firstly my boyfriend generously bought me these 2 Disney film collectors books from HMV. 
I had been eyeing these on the Disney Store website but they don't sell Beauty and the Beast (WHAT?!) and that being my favourite film I couldn't not get it first (does that make sense?). 
So when we went into HMV I saw that they were 2 for £10 and after umming and ahhing I picked them up to buy them and went to find Bob and when he saw me with them he pretty much stole them from me and went and payed so I am very lucky and grateful. 
I picked up Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty as they are my 2 favourite Disney films (check out my post about them here). 
I am hoping to pick up a few more as the pictures inside the books are simply beautiful, so vibrant and full of detail, they are a joy to read!

Next I was lucky enough to buy myself a pair of Disney Vans and even more lucky to be given a pair as my early birthday present from my boyfriend!

I bought myself the Minnie Mouse slip on's and they are comfiest shoes ever, but just like all shoes I am needing to break them in as I bought these for my birthday trip to Disneyland and getting a blister at Disneyland would be the worst thing ever, so they need to be as comfy as possible! 
It is the same with the Belle slip on's from my boyfriend, as I want them to be comfy when we go to DLP. 
I cannot believe he got these for me they are absolutely perfect and I feel so lucky to have them (and him)! I don't think I have stopped saying thank you since he gave them to me!

Now, no Disney haul would be complete without a few Primark purchases! 
I actually held back on a lot of stuff (mainly pyjamas) from Primark and just bought these 3 things. 
Firstly I got this multiple Mickey crop top for £6. I wanted this for so long and finally went to get it in my local Primark aaaand they had sold out (not a happy Katy) but I finally found it in my size in the Exeter Primark so couldn't pass it up! 
Next I got this adorable Lion King t-shirt with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa in the Hakuna Matata walk! This was £6 but I got it for £3 (I'm not really sure why it was £3 off but I'm not complaining). I was wearing this the other day and coincidentally The Lion King started playing on Sky Movies Disney and I didn't realise until I looked at the TV, freaky! 
Finally I picked up these cute Mickey face slippers for £3, they are SO soft but the grip spots on the bottom are really squeaky on our laminate flooring haha!

Now if you know me at all you will know I am ADDICTED to these tsum tsum's, so could not resist buying some of the new Aladdin range from the Disney Store. I picked up Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie and Rajah and they are so adorable. Once they were in my basket I was scrolling through the rest of the tsum tsum's and also purchased the whole Winnie the Pooh collection, Pooh Bear, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet and then also got Lilo and Stitch. 
I think that Pooh Bear and Stitch are my favourite's from this batch of tsum's. 
I imagine that I will be collecting more, especially when I go to DLP so expect another tsum tsum collection update after I'm back!

I found a shop on eBay doing an offer on these cute phone cases. The offer was buy 2 get 1 free so I thought why not, they weren't expensive and I thought they were really nice. I got myself this Alice one, a Belle one and the one I have on my phone at the moment is Aurora. I will link the eBay shop here so you can have a look, they do most of the Princesses in iPhone 6, 5&5s and 5c. 

And finally the most exciting and important purchase I have ever made! Our Disneyland Paris tickets for my birthday trip arrived! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
We did lots of research before purchasing these tickets as each site varies in price and sometimes it is easier and cheaper to do it certain ways!
We purchased our tickets with Attraction Tickets Direct and I cannot recommend them enough, easy buying and very fast delivery.
I was so impressed with how quickly they came and when they did come I was even more impressed with the care and attention they put into delivering them. Firstly they come in this really nice, sturdy pouch and inside, the tickets (which as shown are real Disney tickets and not vouchers you change when you're there) come in this cute ticket holder to keep them safe, which I think is so lovely! 
I'm so pleased they sent a girl character and a boy character, so I'm Daisy and Bob is Pluto! 
If you have any questions about how we booked our trip or these tickets feel free to contact me or leave a comment, I'd love to help!

What is your favourite thing from my haul?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Saturday, 22 August 2015

DIY: 3 Step Flower Arrangement

Hi blog friends!!

I have been absolutely loving homeware at the moment, little ways to make your surroundings look more homely and fun! 
I have been meaning to do this for a while and finally I had the time to get all the things I needed to make a fake flower arrangement (watering is too much effort when I'm busy at uni haha)! 
So I thought I would share with you how I created it, it's really simple to do and looks great when finished, everything I used came from The Range, so here's how I did it in 3 easy steps!

Blue Peonies £2.99
Pink Peonies £2.99
Vase £3.99
Aquarium Stones £2.99
Purple Bouquet £2.99 

STEP 1: The first thing I did was wipe the vase down so it wasn't dusty or dirty and then started to put half of the bag of stones into the bottom. I used a bag of white aquarium stones (fishRfun gets me every time!), I did find a tube of plant topper stones but there were more in this bag and the stones were bigger which I liked.

STEP 2: Once I had filled up the vase with the stones I then started to cut the flower stems, to do this I measured how long I wanted the flowers to be, then with the scissors cut the plastic surrounding the inner wire, then with my hands just wiggled it till the wire snapped (watch out because the wire can be sharp, you can also put sellotape around the bottoms to stop the wire coming out). I did this for all of the flowers until I had them all layed out in front of me and started arranging them till I was satisfied with the look.

STEP 3: And finally fill up the vase with the rest of the stones and viola you have created a beautiful, no fuss flower arrangement that will brighten any part of the house, I am going to be putting mine in my uni bedroom on my desk so when I am drowning in work at least my desk will look pretty!

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY, I really enjoyed doing this one! 

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Make Up Wishlist

Hi blog friends!!

Recently I have had to stop myself buying too much and I have put myself on a spending ban, but that doesn't mean a girl can't wish(list)! There is SO much make up that I have been wanting this month so I thought I would make a wishlist for you guys, hope you enjoy!

All of these products are so beautiful and as you can see there is a slight eye make up theme going on, I am really into eye shadow palettes at the moment and have been using my Naked palette and Naked 3 palette almost everyday this month.
I love the colour theme of this wishlist, the rose gold/gold tones are my favourite at the moment and if I was going to pick one item from the wishlist that I want the most it would definitely be the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, I have been wanting it for so long and the colours are just beautiful for the perfect natural gold toned look!

What make up items have you guys been wanting recently?! Anything in my wishlist you would like to try?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

My Top 5 Books

Hi blog friends!!

Ever since I was little I have always loved books, I used to ask my dad to read me hundreds of books before bed because I loved hearing about all these exciting stories or maybe that was just so I could stay up later haha!
My love of reading and books really started when I was in my primary school's library one day and picked up a book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, I don't know if you've heard of it haha! But I distinctly remember finishing it and reading it again, I thought it was the most gripping, thrilling, scary, funny, clever book I'd ever read, and since then my love for reading has only grown.
Since being at university I rarely get time to read unless it's an academic book which I'm not complaining about, but sometimes there's nothing better than getting lost in a great book and finding new worlds to explore and characters to invest in, so I thought I would quickly share with you my top 5 books that I have read (probably about 600 times each).

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk 
Well I'm about to break the first two rules of Fight Club so I'll keep it short and sweet, I love this book there's just something really fun about reading it I can't really explain. I love the characters and the plot and I also love the film!

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella 
Sophie Kinsella is without a doubt one of my all time favourite authors best known for her series of books 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', her books are such easy reading and always have fantastic characters and are always funny! I have read Remember Me? so many times and each time it is always just as funny and brilliant as the first!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling
No list of favourite books can be complete with a Harry Potter book and this is hands down my all time favourite Harry Potter book to read (Goblet of Fire is my favourite film in case you were wondering). I think I have read this book a roundabout 6 billion times, I love the whole plot for this book and film, J. K is just beyond clever, the way everything happens for a reason, and also when Harry and Hermione use the Time Turner is my favourite thing!

Soul Surfer autobiography of Bethany Hamilton 
I remember getting this autobiography for Christmas one year and thinking 'greaaaat this looks random' but once I read it I had untold amounts of respect for this girl, she unfortunately had her arm bitten off by a shark but did that stop her from getting back in the water and chasing her dreams, of course not! Bethany is so inspirational and determined. It was such a lovely read and very eye opening! If you haven't seen the film (Soul Surfer) with AnnaSophia Robb go watch it, it is so emotional but absolutely fantastic, it's on UK Netflix right now!

Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad
This is the second book in a trio called L.A Candy and boy are these books incredible and so addictive! I read the first book in 2 days, this book in 1 day and the final book in 2 as well. I literally could not put these down, they are so fantastic but this one was definitely my favourite, it is basically an episode of The Hills in a book and what is better than that! I love Lauren's way of writing it's such an easy and fun read and I love Jane the main character!

So that was just a quick glimpse into some of my favourite books! All of them are great all year round reads and I can't praise them enough! What are your favourite books?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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