Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July Favourites

Hi blog friends!!

Since it is nearly the end of July (WHAT?!) I thought I would share with you my monthly favourites! There are some beauty and skin care faves and also some extra bits and bobs that I have been loving this past month, so I'll start with the skin care then beauty! This might be a long one so grab a cuppa and have fun reading!

Firstly are two Zoella products. Candy Cream has such cute packaging I just love the colours, the product itself exceeded my expectations completely, it drys so quickly and is not sticky at all! The little pink bursting beads are a really nice touch.

Scrubbing Me Softly is just as good, possibly one of the best body scrubs I have used, it's not harsh or abrasive on the skin at all and leaves your skin silky smooth and smelling amazing which is one of the best things about these two products is their smell, it is so fresh and SO long lasting which is amazing! Thank you Zoella!!

The next product is the Cleanse and Polish from Liz Earle in the scent Orange Flower and Chamomile. I have used the Cleanse and Polish for a while but I'd never tried the scented ones, so when I saw that they had this particular scent I had to get it as I love orange flower but I don't think they sell this scent at the moment as they sell out very quickly! I use this every morning and every night to take off my make up and quite frankly it is faultless, my make up comes off effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and smooth the scent is also so calming and lovely I will definitely be re-purchasing!

One of my absolute life savers is next, the La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense facial moisturiser. I had a bout of horrible, dry flaky skin on my cheeks earlier this month which meant I couldn't wear make up and nothing was helping to make it go away, that was until I found this little beauty in Boots and I know that La Roche-Posay is good for clearing dry skin as I have used the Hydraphase Intense before but I think this product is better personally. It also has a really lovely smell and just leaves my skin really soft and hydrated.

Moving onto beauty favourites for this month, I will start with two of my favourite lip products. Firstly I have the new Kate Moss Rimmel Nude Collection in the shade 45, this is a beautiful pinky nude colour that can be worn every day as it is so light and gives a lovely sheen to the lips without looking like you're wearing too much lipstick and it definitely doesn't leave you with foundation lips either! 

The second lip product is a Lime Crime Velvetine in the shade Faded, this again is a beautiful colour, it is a mottled purple that looks very subtle on the lips. I have two main reasons why I love this product, one because I love the way it goes on wet and dries matte and number two because it smells like cupcakes and lets face it who doesn't love cupcakes!

To finish off the beauty favourites I have these three. Firstly is the TopShop highlighter in Sunbeam, I love this product as it is very subtle but gives off a really great highlight, I use this with my MAC 168 on my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow and it gives off just enough shine to look healthy and glowing and not like my face is extra shiny!

Next is my new favourite foundation, it is the L'oreal True Match Foundation and I have it in the shade Vanilla which is an exact match for my skin! This foundation is flawless, it makes my skin look amazing and so healthy whenever I use it. It is super blendable and gives off a lovely smooth, even finish without looking orange at all! I think i'm in love!

Lastly is a brush that I am loving right now and it is the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush. I use this brush with my True Match and it just makes it look perfect and because the brush is so dense it gives a super even finish, the brush is also really soft and I love the rose gold hardware!

Moving on to my non beauty related favourites...

My absolute favourite shop at the moment is Primark, I never realised just how good some of the stuff in there actually was, they have a really good selection of pretty much everything (although their disgusting emoji clothes are to be desired), but what really got me going to Primark is the the amount of Disney merch they have in there, it's EVERYWHERE and made into EVERYTHING! Which naturally brings me on to...

DISNEY! Now Disney (being represented here by Minnie Mouse in case you were confused haha) isn't just a favourite this month it is a favourite every month, but this month I feel like I have finally found what I want my blog to be about and Disney will play a big part of that, Disney has also played a big part in this month because I booked my birthday trip to Disneyland Paris (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) and I have been watching all the Disney films I have never seen before and OH MY GOD I bloody love Sleeping Beauty, that film is so great I think Maleficent is super sassy and i'm totally team Merryweather the blue dress is better!!

Next are a pair of Jurassic World joggers from Primark and if you have watched my Primark Haul video you will have seen these. These joggers are beyond comfy and so cute I just love them, I love that they have all the attractions from the park on them and surprisingly they actually keep you really warm! I have spied a few of these types of joggers in Primark with different patterns so I think I may have to get some more!

Okay so I think I might actually be addicted to this Disney Tsum Tsum game on my iPad! Basically what you have to do is match up three or more of the same tsum tsum and the more you match up the more points you get and all the tsum tsum's are jumbled up and my gosh is this game addictive! The characters are all super cute although if you play it with the sound on they have really weird child like voices which creep me out so I play with the sound off haha!

Finally just to finish off (not pictured) my two favourite YouTubers/bloggers are definitely lilmisschickas (YouTube/Blog) and Ellies Ramblings (YouTube/Blog).

Phew that was a lot of favourites for one month! What are some of your favourites this month?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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