Friday, 19 June 2015

Jurassic World Review

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Being a film student it would have been pretty much against the law to not go and see the new Jurassic World film!! So I thought I would do a review on it, don't worry it won't have spoilers and I won't give it a rating or anything as I feel that might be a bit big headed and most things come down to personal preference anyway!

The newest film in the Jurassic Park franchise has just been released 'Jurassic World' and with a huge amount of hype around it in the film sphere and amongst the fans this one had to live up to certain expectations, and in my opinion it was just what the fans were asking for!

The film centres around the newly re-opened Isla Nublar (which for any eagle eyed fans is the same island they used in the old films) where 2 boys (Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson) are going to spend the weekend with their aunt (Bryce Dallas-Howard) who in turn is in charge of the park! The parks genetics lab decide to create a new hybrid (come on now, what were they thinking of course that is going to go wrong) as a new attraction to scare visitors, but alas nothing is ever easy on Isla Nublar and of course sticking to the crucial narrative arch, the dinosaur escapes (I hope that's not a spoiler, I mean that's pretty obvious), chaos ensues and with the help of Owen (Chris Pratt) they must find a way to stop the new dinosaur killing and eating everything before it's too late! Will they save the park and the visitors in time...well you'll just have to go and see it to find out!

Personally I thought this film was a fantastic addition to the franchise, not only was the casting fantastic with Bryce Dallas-Howard and Chris Pratt playing their roles extremely well, but the film as a whole was just the right amount of scary, funny, jumpy and completely cliche! What I enjoyed most about the film was the incredible CGI (computer generated imagery). There is a point in the film when you see a group of Velociraptor's running and they honestly look so real, it is absolutely amazing the things that a computer can conjure up and I have untold amounts of respect for the animators! What I also loved about the film were the references they made to the old films (if you have seen the first 3 films you'll understand) a few little nods to really get the nostalgia flowing! Something I didn't know until after I had seen the film is that the T-Rex (Rexy/Rexie) used in the old films is the same in Jurassic World (obviously she has been CGI'd in to Jurassic World) and just like in the all the other Jurassic Park's she has her part to play in the film! Overall this film does what it says on the tin, it has everything you'd want in a dinosaur disaster film and Chris Pratt (major crush alert) is fantastic! 

Does the piano version of the theme tune give anyone else goosebumps or just me?! Have any of you guys been to see it, what did you think!? Would you visit Jurassic World if you got the chance?! I would love to know!

The Park Is Open

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