Sunday, 28 June 2015

Beauty & Fashion Wishlist

Hi blog friends!!

I don't really have a lot going on at the moment as I am still in the process of trying to find a job for the summer, so recently have been a bit bored and when you're bored what better to do than a bit of online window shopping ey!! I have put together some beauty and fashion items that I have come across in a little wishlist, a girl can dream can't she!!

5. LUSH Frozen Bath Bomb (Oxford Street Exclusive) £3.75 (no link only available in store)

So there is my little June wishlist, that Ted Baker bag is the epitome of beautiful, every time I go into my local House of Fraser I immediately run over to the Ted Baker stand and drool over everything (not literally cos' that would be disgusting haha). I am also hoping to get the culotte jumpsuit from New Look for my brothers university graduation as he finished uni with an amazing 2:1 and I could not be prouder to be his sister, he has worked incredibly hard and I really admire him for it!!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday, I am home alone at the moment as my brother went out last night and my dad went to a party somewhere far away and is travelling home now, so the peace and quiet is very nice, well I say peace and quiet I am actually blasting out Kanye after watching his Glasto set last night haha!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Collective Haul

Hi blog friends!!

Over the past few weeks I have collected a few things which I thought I would share with you today, I love watching and reading about people's hauls so why not give it a go!

I picked up these 2 items today in Plymouth as I have been wanting them both for a very long time (especially the bomber) and I thought 'why not, buy it now regret it later' haha!!

These adorable pumps are from T.K.Maxx by a brand called C.Wonder, who I have never heard of (I just googled them and the shoes are all this adorable go check them out) I saw them and I just couldn't leave them, they only had them in a size 4 and I am a 5 but luckily the 4 was perfect fit! (sorry if you don't like feet/feet pictures and in the picture they are also a bit swollen as I had been wearing my Huaraches all day and were a bit hot haha)

If you know me at all you will know I am obsessed with Disney and when I say obsessed I mean it's pretty much all I talk about on a daily basis (ask bob haha). My favourite princess is, if you haven't already guessed, Belle. She's just so beautiful (yes I know shes a cartoon but she is) and Beauty and The Beast is my all time favourite Disney film! So as I was browsing the Disney Store online I came across this t-shirt and Belle plush and they were already in my cart before I even noticed! I am going to use the t-shirt as a pyjama top as I can't say I'm a huge fan of the V neck haha! The phone case is also super cute, I love that it's see through so it looks like Belle & The Beast are dancing on my phone!!

The wipes are nothing exciting I have been using Simple wipes since holiday and I find them really nice on my skin and when I saw these micellar water wipes I just had to pick them up to try them and this t-shirt is for Bob (obviously as I am not a man) I really love it and it's so soft (I hope he doesn't read this tonight as I will give it to him tomorrow).

These last 2 items are from Bob as anniversary gifts, as we have been together for a year now we got each other a few things and I am so grateful and couldn't be happier with my presents, I cannot believe what a generous boyfriend I have, he really spoilt me and like I said I am so grateful!

So those are some of the things I have accumulated over the past few weeks, I also bought some OPI nail varnish in Live, Love, Carnival, Benefit's Rollerlash (my absolute new fave) and Vera Wang's Princess fragrance at the airport before holiday but I forgot to photograph them oops! I hope you enjoyed this little haul and I am not trying to brag about any of the things I bought or have been given I just wanted to share them with you! 

What have you guys been buying recently?!

Lots of love 
Katy xxx
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Monday, 22 June 2015

Products I Would Not Buy Again

Hi blog friends!!

I find there is a tendency to only talk about products that people love instead of the ones that maybe they didn't get on with or are just down right bad! I actually quite enjoy watching and reading reviews on products people didn't like so I can evaluate whether or not I would buy them, but obviously it's a very personal thing as what doesn't work for one person might be another's holy grail! But I thought I would share a few products personally I have not got on with and some that I have just really not liked at all!

1.Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm
2.Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzer
3.Superdrug's Calming Facial Sheet Mask
4.GOSH Lipstick in Darling
5.Urban Fudge Iced Coconut Cocktail Hair Spray
6.Liz Earle Skin Repair Light Moisturiser

1. I used to swear by this lip balm when I was younger, the smell is amazing and I would never use anything else till I realised all it did was make my lips so sore and dry! My lips would be so dry so I would put this on them, it wouldn't sink in just sort of lie on them and them dry them out so I thought I needed to apply more! All in all the only thing going for this lip balm is the smell

2. There has been a lot of talk about this bronzer, I kind of feel like it's a love it or hate it product and to be honest I really think this product is 100% hype! The pigment is non existent and no matter how much you put on your brush or face it just does not appear! Again the only thing I like about this product is it has a nice smell and the packaging is cute as it looks like chocolate but apart from that it is a total waste of money, I find that the bronzing primer is fantastic that is definitely worth the money!

3. I usually adore the Superdrug own face masks, the are so cheap and actually really great quality, but this cloth facial sheet is really poor quality. First of all it stings like a mother *insert choice word*, I used it on a pamper night and I can assure you it felt like I was being attacked by bees rather than being pampered! Secondly and worst of all it smells horrific! It says it smells like green tea (which is one of my favourite scents), cucumber and aloe vera and it basically smells like a mix of chlorine and dirty nappies! Never again *shivers at reliving the memory*

4. I usually like GOSH products but this lipstick is all kinds of wrong. The formula is so thick on the lips it looks so funny/terrible, this colour in particular is really foundationy (new word) it looks like foundation on the lips and doesn't really have a colour.

5. I love the raspberry & vanilla hair spray from Urban Fudge, the smell, the hold, it's just a really great product so when I saw this one smelt like coconut I grabbed it straight away! This product in my opinion is HORRIFIC!!!!! Firstly the hold is so incredibly strong it makes your hair feel like superglue and super super crunchy/crispy, when I brushed it out I thought my head was going to fall off my shoulders. When you touch your hair it feels like concrete or as Bob put it uncooked spaghetti! Honestly this is the worst hairspray I have ever used, very disappointed in Urban Fudge!

6. Lastly is a product that when I first used it I loved it but as the weeks went by its promise of clearer skin was fading fast as my skin was full of spots and painful whiteheads and I simply couldn't understand why as Liz Earle is known for products that are all natural so it wasn't as if I was putting harmful chemicals on my skin, however when I read the ingredients there turned out to be wheatgerm in the moisturiser (I am allergic to wheat and this was causing the reaction) so therefore this for me was a total waste of money, I imagine this product would be great if you aren't allergic to wheat ha!

So those were just a few products I would personally not re-purchase, do you have products you personally don't like!? Hope everyone has had a fantastic day!

Lots of love 
Katy xxx
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Friday, 19 June 2015

Jurassic World Review

Hi blog friends!!

Being a film student it would have been pretty much against the law to not go and see the new Jurassic World film!! So I thought I would do a review on it, don't worry it won't have spoilers and I won't give it a rating or anything as I feel that might be a bit big headed and most things come down to personal preference anyway!

The newest film in the Jurassic Park franchise has just been released 'Jurassic World' and with a huge amount of hype around it in the film sphere and amongst the fans this one had to live up to certain expectations, and in my opinion it was just what the fans were asking for!

The film centres around the newly re-opened Isla Nublar (which for any eagle eyed fans is the same island they used in the old films) where 2 boys (Ty Simpkins & Nick Robinson) are going to spend the weekend with their aunt (Bryce Dallas-Howard) who in turn is in charge of the park! The parks genetics lab decide to create a new hybrid (come on now, what were they thinking of course that is going to go wrong) as a new attraction to scare visitors, but alas nothing is ever easy on Isla Nublar and of course sticking to the crucial narrative arch, the dinosaur escapes (I hope that's not a spoiler, I mean that's pretty obvious), chaos ensues and with the help of Owen (Chris Pratt) they must find a way to stop the new dinosaur killing and eating everything before it's too late! Will they save the park and the visitors in time...well you'll just have to go and see it to find out!

Personally I thought this film was a fantastic addition to the franchise, not only was the casting fantastic with Bryce Dallas-Howard and Chris Pratt playing their roles extremely well, but the film as a whole was just the right amount of scary, funny, jumpy and completely cliche! What I enjoyed most about the film was the incredible CGI (computer generated imagery). There is a point in the film when you see a group of Velociraptor's running and they honestly look so real, it is absolutely amazing the things that a computer can conjure up and I have untold amounts of respect for the animators! What I also loved about the film were the references they made to the old films (if you have seen the first 3 films you'll understand) a few little nods to really get the nostalgia flowing! Something I didn't know until after I had seen the film is that the T-Rex (Rexy/Rexie) used in the old films is the same in Jurassic World (obviously she has been CGI'd in to Jurassic World) and just like in the all the other Jurassic Park's she has her part to play in the film! Overall this film does what it says on the tin, it has everything you'd want in a dinosaur disaster film and Chris Pratt (major crush alert) is fantastic! 

Does the piano version of the theme tune give anyone else goosebumps or just me?! Have any of you guys been to see it, what did you think!? Would you visit Jurassic World if you got the chance?! I would love to know!

The Park Is Open

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Hi blog friends!!

Yes I am still alive, as you may or may not know I have just been on a weeks holiday to Tunisia with my boyfriend and it was amazing!

I had never been to Tunisia before but Bob had! We stayed in a resort called Port El Kantaoui in Sousse in the Iberostar Diar El Andalous hotel which had just undergone a full refurbishment and although some of the hotel was not finished it did not impact the holiday at all, the pool area and the lobby were absolutely beautiful and the choice of food there was fantastic even for a coeliac! The hotel staff were absolutely faultless, so attentive and friendly which made you feel very relaxed and all I can say is all inclusive holidays are where it's at, I have never eaten so many puddings, small cakes and crepes in one week but damn was it fantastic!!
We also took a short 15 minute walk into the port which was beautiful, however the Tunisian culture is a lot different to ours and there is a lot of hassle from shop owners and people wanting your money which made me feel very anxious and as we were nearly approached by some men wanting us to buy something I asked Bob if we could return to our hotel as I was becoming very panicky and he said yes which made me feel awful as I felt like I had ruined our little trip.
We also did 2 excursions, we did quad biking on our anniversary and we also did half a day trip to El Djem the amphitheater where they filmed some of the film Gladiator which was absolutely incredible!! 
we took SO many photos and I won't bombard you with all of them I promise just a few!


Lots of love 
Katy xxx
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Friday, 5 June 2015

H&M Jewellery

Hi blog friends!!

Jewellery I feel is usually overlooked when it comes to holiday shopping or maybe that's just me as I tend to think about clothes and shoes and that is as far as my brain will stretch and I also tend to wear the same pieces and never really think about buying more in case I don't wear them! But since this is a special holiday I thought I would buy some new pieces to go with my new outfits!

I got all my pieces from H&M and they were so affordable! Luckily though I have the most generous boyfriend and he offered to pay for them (I had payed for some new t-shirts for him so it evened out haha). All of the pieces I got were £3.99 each apart from one necklace which was £7.99 which I thought was so good and I really love the colours, I mostly got rose gold and some gold pieces so here they are!
I got 2 cuff bracelets, 2 necklaces, a 4 pack of rose gold bracelets, an anklet and some rings! They are all so lovely and my favourite piece is definitely the long multi-chain necklace as it is so pretty and will make outfits a bit more elegant!
Sorry for the horrendous quality of the pictures my camera was having a right mare and would not focus or do anything I told it so I kind of gave up but you get the general feel that they are all rose gold pieces of jewellery!

I also ordered the new sleek precious metals highlighting palette from boots! The packaging is AMAZING its so shiny and beautiful and the colours in the palette are to die for, I am very excited to use it on holiday!
Also on Thursday I went to get my nails done ready for holiday and I am so impressed with them they look beautiful, if you follow my Instagram I put up a picture (it is a lot better quality again sorry!) I got a shellac manicure with OPI varnish and I chose the colour Toucan which is a lovely orange/red and will hopefully make me look extra tanned, fingers crossed! The lady who did them at my local beauty clinic Visage was very professional and made me feel very comfortable, turns out she was also going to Tunisia next week! But the clinic itself was very clean and welcoming so if you're in the Tavistock area I cannot recommend them enough!
What are your favourite holiday jewellery staples?! 

My sister is down in Devon for the weekend for her best friends hen do so tonight we are having a BBQ which I am very looking forward too! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Favourites

Hi blog friends!!

It has been such a long time and I am so sorry, I have been up to a few things and just haven't had the time to blog but here I am! I thought since it is now June (whaaaat where is this year going?!) I thought I would share with you a few beauty and general favourites I was loving in May!


1. This bronzer is super pigmented and really nice to blend I use it with my MAC 168 and 109 and it gives a really nice finish and this product is super cheap so you don't have to break the bank

2. Since I have quite sensitive skin I needed a daily moisturiser or something I could use that didn't have many chemicals in, when I came across this in Boots I knew it would be perfect and it always leaves my skin feeling really soft and it has that classic Johnson's smell which is nice

3. I have used this facial scrub for a while now and it is definitely my go to! It is not abrasive at all, it is really gentle and could be used daily but I wash my face 3 days a week and it has cleared up my skin a treat and it smells like chocolate so whats not to like!

4. Mini V Mini:BURN Capsules are not like any other fat burning supplement I have tried and I have tried a few haha! When I opened them I thought oh gosh they are gonna be so hard to swallow as they're quite big but I had no troubles with them at all and also they don't have that weird smell that some supplements have! You take 2 capsules everyday alongside exercise and a healthy diet and it helps by giving you more energy and has fat burning qualities and wow does it give you loads more energy, when I take them I can really notice a change they make me want to be more active and keep me going for ages! I would definitely recommend them!

5. This foundation is AMAZING! It is so much better than the one I was using before, I have always been a solid Maybelline girl but I thought I would give another brand a go and I have always wanted to try Healthy Mix as I have used the serum before and really loved it and this is no exception! It has a lovely coverage not too full and cakey but enough to cover all the things you want covered up, it also smells great!

6. Smile Science (not to be confused with Smile Sciences) is based in London and is a professional teeth whitening clinic used by famous footballers and other such celebs! So when I was browsing Wowcher for codes this caught my eye immediately, it was to get the Deluxe Home Whitening Kit for £18 instead of £129. My teeth have always been a worry for me so to get such a professional kit for so little was a bargain! It comes with a tooth colour guide, 4 syringes of non peroxide whitening serum, a powerful pre-treatment stain remover and a LED mouth guard that you put the serum into and put directly on the teeth! I have been using this now for about a week and my teeth have changed 2 shades which is amazing! You put the LED mouth guard in for about 15-20 minutes and voila that's it, you do it once everyday until you have your desired tooth colour! I'm not sure if Wowcher are still doing the voucher code and this product is usually £129 which I know is very expensive but if you can I would say buy it, it is a fantastic product and worth the money however I was a bit disappointed with the packaging for a product that costs that much it just comes in a plastic bag, not even a box but still!

7. This blush is so beautiful! Once you get past the packaging which to me is a bit naff the product is fantastic! It is a beautiful blend of pinks and golds with a lovely shimmer to it, my favourite part about this blush is the rose gold tones it leaves on the skin which make your cheeks look glowing and beautiful!

8. This concealer is industrial strength! It covers absolutely EVERYTHING from dark circles to scarring to spots it is fantastic and blends like a dream with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! This is the best concealer I have used hands down!

9. I have always loved The Body Shop body butters especially the mango one and the orange or satsuma one, but when I saw that they now had body sorbets I really wanted to try one! I got the Fuji Green Tea sorbet and it has such a lovely light scent and the product is very cooling and absorbs really easily so you don't have to wait for hours in the nude fanning yourself to dry your moisturiser before you can even put your pants on!

10. I have never really used highlighters but since I have used this Benefit liquid highlight I LOVE them! It has the most amazing smell and it blends in so easily, I just use my finger and put it on the top of my cheeks, down my nose, on my brow bone and just above my cupids bow

So those are my beauty faves for this month, a few of my general favourites are:

Taylor Swift's 1989 album especially Bad Blood & I Know Places
Goji Berries
Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
Disney in general I have been going mad for it!

So there you go! What were your favourites in May? Hope everyone is having a great day!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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