Friday, 22 May 2015

The Devon County Show

Hi blog friends!!

So yesterday my dad and I did something really exciting, we woke up super early and headed to The Devon County Show! Now for anyone who doesn't know, a county show is held over 3 days and it is where the best animals in the county come to be judged in their specific classes and there is loads of local food and crafts and lots of stands for cars and farm machinery and honestly it is the best day out ever! Dad and I had never been to the Devon show before, we've been to the Royal Cornwall Show a few times now and we thought it was silly as we're from Devon not Cornwall (and if you don't know there is a massive rivalry between Devon & Cornwall, Devon are better haha) so since we weren't doing anything we thought we'd go and I am SO glad we did it was the best day and the weather was beautiful it was really hot and so so sunny which put everyone in a great mood!

When we got there the first thing we went to see was the horse shoeing competition, where 4 horse shoe makers were given 1 hour to fully shoe a horse and it was amazing to watch from the furnace to the making of the shoe to the way they put it on was so interesting and something i'd never seen before! We then had a wander around all the stands and oh my gosh I saw so many dogs it was heavenly! We then went into the arts and crafts tent and there was a stand that was selling the cutest fairy lights they looked like little lanterns and really cute bird cage candle holders and mason jar cups, we also picked up the most amazing fudge I got Nutella & peanut butter and dad got marzipan covered in chocolate and we also got clotted cream to share also while we were there I met one of my best friends who I hadn't seen in ages so we had a lovely catch up! The next big tent we went into was the food and drink tent and oh my Devon produces some amazing food, the smell of pasties and cider filled the air and it was beautiful, whilst we were in there we saw Princess Anne as well! We then headed back to the main arena to watch The Bolddog Lings FMX Team perform, they are the motor cross team that were on Britain's Got Talent in series 8 which was really good, some of the stunts they did were seriously awesome, after that the Royal Marines Band played and they were brilliant they are some very talented people!! I was getting hungry after all the excitement, dad had already grabbed a steak and stilton pasty in the food tent but since I can't eat pasties or any of the amazing smelling hog roasts (sobs loudly) I decided to just grab some chips and we sat and watched a young persons orchestra they did songs like uptown funk and all about that bass so that was fun! 

After food it was definitely time to look at animals, firstly we headed to the non-dairy goat tent and they were so loud and very soft, there was a man feeding them crackers and they were going crazy for those crackers haha! There was a tractor judging going on in the main cattle showing area which was funny only in Devon ey! So we went to the cattle shed and for as far as the eye could see was cows, cows and more cows. This is my dads favourite part of county shows he loves looking at the cows especially the Aberdeen Angus as he is from Aberdeen the little cutie! Some of the bulls were absolutely massive and when I say massive they are like the size of a car! We also saw a cow being milked and you could literally see her udder going down it was really weird haha, after cows was pigs and they were adorable I love pigs just the little noises they make and they also had a pen of 4 week old piglets so I spent a lot of time there just swooning over them haha but they were super cute! Next was dairy goats and they were absolutely adorable, there was one small brown goat who kept nibbling my jumper and he was just precious, every time we went to leave he would jump up and put his 2 front legs on the gate so we could stroke him, I wanted to steal him he was so cute, I even named him nibbles! So next was sheep, when we got there it turned out there was some judging going on so we stopped and watched that, we were watching the Greyfaced Dartmoor class and my friend who I met earlier was helping show so we watched that and she got 4th place so we cheered her on! After sheep came bees, poultry, bunnies and cavys (guinea pigs)! We then wanted to go back to the main arena as the Bolddog Lings were performing again except this time they performed on tiny bikes which was very funny so we grabbed some drinks, I got a mint choc chip milkshake and dad got a coffee and we went and watched that, since it was getting quite late and we had seen everything in the showground we decided to leave, but we couldn't go without getting an ice cream, dad got salted caramel and I got surprise surprise mint choc chip haha!

We honestly had the best day ever and I would urge everyone to go to their local county show, it's such a great day out for both adults and kids. You also learn so much about your county, the animals and all the local food and drink which is so lovely! The Devon County Show is on till Saturday 23rd May so if you can go please do, The Royal Cornwall Show is on 4th, 5th & 6th June so I think i'll be heading to that as it's just before holiday! Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post about my day and I hope it has made you want to go, hope everyone is well and you're having a great day!

Lots of love 
Katy xxx

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