Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Shopping Shopping and more Shopping!

Hi blog friends!!

So over the past few days I have been quite busy, well I say busy I have just done more things than I would usually do haha!

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to Plymouth shopping as I needed to pick up a few things so we left early and had breakfast in Costa which was yummy, I had a small hazelnut latte and a pot of yoghurt with passion fruit and mango compote and Bob had a medium caramel cappuccino and a sausage and caramelised onion toastie which looked amazing and he also got a piece of chocolate tiffin which also looked amazing!

After breakfast we did some shopping and I specifically went in to get Bob an anniversary present as we will have been together for a year next month, so trying to buy him a present whilst he was there was a challenge but I did it! I also bought a pair of shorts and a skirt from New Look for our holiday next month, as well as some Moschino sunglasses from TKMaxx (my favourite place ever) and also some super cute round pink spotty sunglasses by Quay which is a make I have never heard of but they were way too cute not to buy (monkey hands over eyes emoji) 

On Monday Bob came over for breakfast and we made gluten free pancakes which were delicious, we then had to go into our local town to sort out our holiday as we have had some issues with our hotel as it was being refurbished and was meant to open on the 1st May but still hasn't opened yet so we had to go and see what was going on, we also picked up a brochure for Disney Land Paris as we are thinking of going for my 21st birthday so I can become a princess finally and I have always wanted to meet Belle so it would be perfect! We then went to Costa and I had a yummy peach iced lemonade which I think will be my new summer fave from there, after I went to Superdrug to get some more Garnier micellar water, I also picked up some of the new Nivea Q10 firming body range for half price which was great so I got the 'goodbye cellulite' serum and the firming body lotion as well as some coconut body spray and 3 travel wash bags, I then went to WHSmiths where I finally got a copy of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Tanya Burr's new book Love Tanya as hardbacks were reduced to £9 each, I have already read most of Tan's book and it is so good I am definitely going to be making her signature triple chocolate cookies later on (of course making them gluten free)! When I got home I was super hungry and so I decided to make a smoothie in my Blend Active using strawberries, a banana, blackberries, almond milk, gluten free oats and some LucyBee coconut oil and it was super delicious, I even got a re-tweet from Lucy herself!

Today has been very chilled, I had such a long lie in which was lush and then I made a yummy bowl of porridge using gluten free oats and almond milk topping it with a banana, left over blackberries, honey and almond butter (which is delicious if you haven't tried it) and to drink I had a small glass of the dark chocolate almond milk which is incredible! 

Bob is now here watching me write this and eating cake (I think he only came over for the cake haha) but later on we are heading out for dinner, hopefully to either Pizza Express so I can have my fave salad or to Chiquitos where they now have a fab new gluten free menu then we are going to see the new Avengers film as neither of us have seen it, which is strange for me as I am such a huge Marvel fan, so I am really excited for that! Hope you're having a great day and will blog soon!!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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