Friday, 15 May 2015

Homebase, Next Home & B&Q

Hi blog friends!!

It's been a few days, so thought i'd just keep you up to date! 

So on Thursday my dad and I decided to get out the house and go to Homebase (exciting) as dad wanted look at a few things like tiles and flooring as he is in the process of doing up the house, he has just finished our living room and it looks amazing, he finished the wallpapering today and it honestly looks fantastic, I really admire my dad he's so inspirational! So anyway we had a look around and I decided to grab two things, I got an apple blossom room spray which smells divine and a cute bleached wooden heart to hang on my bedroom door, they were both very inexpensive the heart was £2.99 and the room spray was around £4 so we had a browse and we found out that finally our Homebase is getting an in-store Habitat shop which is amazing as Habitat stuff is beaut!

After that we were super hungry so went to the new Costa that has just opened and I had a peach iced lemonade and a chicken and basil gluten free wrap which has got a lot tastier as before it was so dry and bland and my dad had a cappuccino and a chicken and bacon toastie. Once we'd finished lunch we headed over to the Next Home shop and we picked up some new cushions for the living room and I got myself a strawberries and cream scented reed diffuser which smells AHmazing I was also going to get the candle but I told myself I need to stop buying them right now as I have a few to burn. 

We then went to B&Q so my dad could pick up some wallpaper glue and stuff and at the self checkout it beeped because he needed to be over 21 to buy it which made us and the check out attendant laugh a lot! That night I was going to do some exercise but I was aching from Wednesday's workout so gave it a miss, dad made a tasty Red Thai Curry with pork and rice and we watched the second installment of the BBC1 documentary 'Shark' which was really good if you haven't seen it catch up on iPlayer its really interesting! 

Today has been pretty boring, I haven't done an awful lot since my dad was busy I thought i'd get out the way and went to my mum's house which is around the corner to do a workout! I also made a really good decision this morning with my porridge choice I put cinnamon, honey and apple in it and it tasted incredible! So after my workout I watched some Bob's Burgers and caught up on the Sacconejoly's vlogs, had a shower and tidied my bedroom all very exciting things. So now i'm finally going to start reading Girl Online and relax, i'm also going to browse online for holiday clothes as our holiday is fast approaching!! Hope you all had fantastic days!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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