Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Holiday Shopping!

Hi blog friends!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been pretty busy and I was also ill so that wasn't fun but I thought i'd post today about when Bob and I went shopping for our holiday which is in 18 days (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)!!!

We decided to go to Exeter instead of Plymouth just because Exeter has Urban Outfitters and Hollister and we wanted to go in them, so Exeter it was! We got in around lunch time so we decided to start by grabbing some food, we went to Giraffe which was delicious! We both got the Mexican Breakfast, which was re-fried beans, sweetcorn and chorizo in this yummy spicy sauce all covered in cheese on top of a tortilla (mine was gluten free so mine was on 2 corn tortillas) then it was served with scrambled eggs and an avocado salsa, to drink I had a fresh lemonade with mint and Bob had an apple and elderflower and for pudding we had milkshakes I had salted caramel and bob had rocky road and mine was literally so delicious I could drink it all day long and become very fat haha! 

After brunch we started shopping and when I say shopping I mean proper shopping we bought SO much, but it's all for holiday so it acceptable! Firstly I went to New Look and got a few things, I have wanted the watermelon clutch bag for sooooo long and I think it will look so cute on holiday so here's what I got in New Look

How cute is that clutch and the white bardot top it is so comfy girls!! After New Look I headed over to Cath Kidston as I have been wanting a sturdy/cute backpack/rucksack for so long so I can take it to uni and Bob found the cutest one which you can also carry so it's super handy! 

I love love love the pattern it's just so pretty! After Cath we headed over to Hollister where I needed to pick up a body spray for my dad haha! I had a browse and they have some lovely stuff at the moment, but Bob was looking at the men's sale stuff and picked up a really lovely light jumper and a beaut mint coloured shirt (in the picture its orange but its the same shirt I just couldn't find a picture of the mint one haha)

We then had a browse around a few more shops and I got some flip flops and a top from Primark and then I popped into The Body Shop and picked up some things I have been wanting for ages including the drops of youth bouncy sleep mask which I used last night and my skin feels amazing today! So here's what I picked up!

We then decided it would be a good idea to pick up all our holiday toiletries from Wilko's instead of Superdrug or Boots as it would be ten times more expensive so we got all our sun creams, after suns, first aid kind of things and few extras and i'm not joking the bag was MASSIVE haha but it was so much cheaper! Oh I do love Wilko's me! So finally we headed over to Next for Bob as he wanted to grab some shorts and ended up buying two pairs of shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of trousers haha!

I love the colours of the shorts, he already has a blue pair so I think he is sorted on the short front haha! When we got back into the car I took a picture of all our bags as we had so many, but it just signals a very successful shopping trip!

The next day (so yesterday) we didn't do much at all I was feeling quite ill and had a really awful headache but we made pancakes in the morning then we came up to my dads house and spent the day here just chilling out which was nice and we had the yummiest fish pie for dinner and watched Eastenders haha! We also watched a documentary on BBC1 called The Dog Factory which was all about dog farming and it was so upsetting because if you know me you'll know I have fond love for puppies and dogs in general but it was really eye opening so go catch that on BBC iPlayer! So that's been the last few days, hope everyone is well and you're having a fantastic day!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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