Saturday, 9 May 2015

First Day Of Summer!

Hi blog friends!!

So today was super fun, since I moved back to Devon for summer I finally got to spend some time with my boyfriend before he had to go to work! We didn't even do anything particularly fun we literally went food shopping at Morrisons, ate nearly a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys and ate cake, well he ate cake and I had a gluten free brownie haha! Just to make it clear we don't live together this all happened at my dad's house!

I didn't realise how good the Morrisons free from section is, like I said I got myself a treat in the form of gooey gluten free brownies (this beach body is slowly slipping away), I also got myself some gluten free oats and oh my gosh my favourite find today was Alpro almond milk in dark chocolate flavour, my taste buds are already tingling!! I also found a pot of cottage cheese that is bigger than my head and I am ashamed to say that I got way too excited but I can't help it I love cottage cheese haha! I was also super hungry so picked up some lunch whilst we were there and I just got a sushi fish selection, a bag of apples and grapes and a yellow oasis to drink, I was also really bad and impulse bought a snickers at the till, curse you lack of will power *shakes fist*

I told my dad that I would cook dinner tonight so with my limited selection of cooking knowledge I decided to cook flavoured turkey thigh pieces with veg and my absolute favourite, my own sweet potato wedges! They are so so easy to make and they taste great!

Dinner recipe:

1x pack of diced turkey thigh
1x pack of sweet potatoes 
Any veg you enjoy - I am using broccoli, carrots and cauliflower
Any accompaniments you want, I have crispy salad and cottage cheese

To cook the turkey I put about a teaspoon of coconut oil in a pan (I usually use LucyBee because it is just the yummiest) turn it to a medium heat and let that melt then chuck in my turkey pieces, once the turkey is pretty much cooked I throw in my veg (you can have the veg any way you want I just prefer it when its crunchy and fried) I let the veg cook for a bit then add in my spices, today I am using Chinese 5 spice this tastes super yummy and isn't spicy at all, usually I would use Thai 7 spice as that is super spicy and delicious but dad doesn't have any haha and that is the veg and turkey done this altogether should take around 10 minutes max

For my sweet potato wedges I pre heat my oven at about 180-200 degrees and put down some tin foil in the tray I am going to use, I then simply cut up 1 and a half smallish sweet potatoes into little wedge style pieces, yes mine are quite rustic (I am not good at cutting) once they are all cut up I put them in a bowl, drizzle (great word) some olive oil over them, add salt and herbs these are Italian herbs, give them a good ol' mix around (don't be afraid to use your hand) and make sure all of them are covered then chuck them onto the tray (make sure none of them are touching too much) and pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes remembering to check them frequently as they can burn easily.

And this is the finished product, all very yummy!

I hope you have enjoyed this little (or not so) post about my day, I'd love to know what you guys have been up too today and even what you had for dinner! Hope you're having a great day 

Lots of love 
Katy xxx

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