Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Cookies, Chiquito's & Avengers

Hi blog friends!!

So I thought I would do a quick post about last night, as I said in my last post me and my boyfriend went out for dinner and afterwards we went to see a film!

We decided to go to Chiquito's which is one of our faves and because it is delicious! They also do amazing cocktails there and if you haven't tried them I urge you to go, they have a massive selection and they are super yummy! So I decided to get a classic cosmopolitan (I ended up having 2 actually oops!) and Bob had a Corona with lime! Like I said in my last post Chiquito's now do a gluten free menu and it has so much choice and not just three bland options you get everywhere else, so that is really nice to see that they're catering for people like me who really wouldn't be able to eat a lot in there! (I had a picture of the menu but it doesn't want to work so that's annoying) I ended up getting the gluten free BBQ chicken fajitas which were honestly incredible, they were so delicious and Bob had the Philly steak baked wrap which I have previously had (before I was gluten free) and that is super yummy as well, but because just before we left we ate the cookies (1 each not all of them haha) that I made we both struggled to finish our meals but nevertheless they were really good quality and really tasty!

Oh and here is one of the cookies (half eaten) I made from Tanya's book, they were incredible! Everyone needs to go buy her book and make them!

So after dinner we went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, now I knew I was going to enjoy this movie as I am a massive Marvel fan but this film blew me away, as a film student I can definitely appreciate when a film is good and this film was simply incredible, from the CGI and special effects to the script to Joss Whedon's classic use of slow motion everything was flawless! If you haven't already seen this film I urge you to go even if you haven't seen the first one just go because it is amazing!!

So that's really it I just wanted to tell you guys about my evening, i'm not really doing much today as Bob is at work and my dad is painting the living room so I might do some exercise and then have a bath! I had another amazing bowl of porridge this morning (wow sorry I realise how boring that sounds haha) but this one had apple, banana, almond butter, honey and peanut butter and it was super tasty, hope you all have fantastic days!!

Lots of love 
Katy xxx


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