Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas | 10 Thoughts Everyone Has On Christmas Day

Hi blog friends!!

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought I would start to do a few Christmasy themed posts. Today is a quick one about the 10 thoughts that everyone has on Christmas day, or well at least I definitely think these haha!!

1. Is it acceptable to wake up at 6am, oh well I'm up now!

2. *2 minutes after waking up* When is lunch?

3. Right when are Shrek and Wallace and Gromit on BBC1?!

4. Can I have pigs in blankets for breakfast?

5. How can I secretly make it look like all my brussel sprouts fell on the floor?

6. Where is the mulled wine/wine/alcohol?


8. I'm so full I could nap for a thousand years

9. Of course I want Christmas pudding and Christmas cake!

10. I am extremely lucky and grateful right now!

Obviously these are from my own experience and I can tell you every single year I always wonder if pigs in blankets are an acceptable breakfast food and the answer...absolutely! 
But seriously Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I love having my family around me and chilling out watching BBC1 all day, and best part is always the Eastenders Christmas special I LOVE it haha, so much drama!

What are your favourite things about Christmas? What thoughts do you have Christmas day?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Saturday, 12 December 2015

University | Tips To Cope With A Big Work Load

Hi blog friends!!

When I started third year, I kind of had the mentality that 'it can't be that much harder than second year surely'...well let me tell you, third year is bloody hard. Okay that might seem obvious but seriously it's like hard but times a billion (okay Katy bit ott) but you get the gist!
From the get go my work load was through the roof and it just kept getting bigger and bigger, even when I felt like I was doing LOADS of work. 
Most of this work is coming from my dissertation, as I have to do SO much research, reading, watching films, writing up notes, analysing, the list goes on.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my dissertation topic and everything but it is just inexplicable amounts of work.
So I have devised 5 tips to help anyone else who feels like they are struggling with/drowning in work. I really hope these are helpful!

1. Write up a schedule and stick to it!

Sticking to a schedule will make doing your work so much easier! On a Sunday sit down and work out what work you will do on each day and for how long, honestly you won't regret taking 15 minutes to just get a nice straight forward schedule to work through. I use a weekly planner from Paperchase like this one. Seriously I can't stress enough how quickly my stress and anxiety levels went down after starting to plan my work load.

2. Take days off!

Now, to anyone with LOADS of work taking a day off sounds like a big no no but my gosh this is the best thing you can do. Even if it is just one day out of the week you won't regret it. Just take a day to chill out, do some online shopping, pig out on loads of food, watch some films and most certainly do not think about  your work. Everyone needs down time and at least one day off a week so don't feel guilty, it will make you feel more refreshed and ready to start work again the next day.

3. Do your work in manageable, bite size chunks!

Don't try and do LOADS of work all in one day, do nice easy chunks of work so you don't feel like you're doing too much and overloading yourself. When you do too much that is when you will start to feel a weight on your shoulders (that is the worst feeling, believe me you don't want to feel like that!). Bite size chunks will make your life so much easier and will take away some of that horrible stress and anxiety.

4. Don't forget to eat, and drink loads of water!

When you're in the zone I know the last thing you will think about is going to grab some food or topping up your glass of water, but you will always be more focused and alert if you are hydrated and have a tummy full of food. If I'm being honest I don't always heed my own advice, I rarely eat when I'm working or 'in the zone' but I always have a water bottle next to me when I'm working! Seriously food and drink will be your friend!

5. Try your best and you will always succeed!

Finally, just try your hardest and honestly you will succeed in everything you try! Put your all in and you will reap the rewards. Hard work always pays off!!

I hope these tips are helpful for at least one person! Seriously I know exactly what it feels like to be drowning in work but if you make it easier for yourself you will honestly thank yourself. 
I hope that if you do have a big work load you get through it with as little stress as possible. Sending good vibes!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Friday, 11 December 2015

Disney | Disney Wishlist #3 Christmas Edition

Hi blog friends!!

Yet again long time no speak, BUT I have pretty much finished all my work for this semester apart from one module, so now I actually have time to blog a bit more! 
Right now I am curled up in bed in my pyjamas, my boyfriends hoodie, my dressing gown and my slippers because I have the flu *feels sorry for myself* and I thought, well since I'm not doing anything I might as well say hello for the first time in December!!!

I love doing these Disney Wishlist's for so many reasons, and since it is nearly Christmas I thought I would share just a few things that I would really like *hint hint any family members reading this!!*

Firstly are these lovely rose gold Mickey head earrings from Truffle Shuffle, if you read my Disneyland Haul post you will know I got some Mickey earrings when I went in September and I have worn them everyday since, so I would love another pair! Rose gold is my absolute fave and it will also match my phone haha! 
Next is every Beauty and the Beast fans dream, a real working Lumiere lamp! OH ISN'T HE THE CUTEST! I would also love the Cogsworth clock that Disney just bought out, now that would be the perfect pair for my Disney shelf! 
Next is a plate I simply must have, Jack Skellington face plate! Jack is actually one of my favourite characters so eating off his face would be a dream haha!! Next is from the newest range from the Disney|Vans collection, the 101 Dalmatian women baseball tee, it looks so cute and comfy and I need it! 
I love this Phantom Manor tee, I want it as a pyjama top as I have the Tower of Terror one and I love it so much, it is one of the comfiest tee's I own. 
As I am a keen baker why not have a cake mould in the shape of Cinderella's carriage, like come on! 
As you are probably aware of by now I am a huge Beauty and the Beast fan and this Haute Couture Belle from the Disney Store is simply stunning. 
Finally, in case you didn't know I am a pin collector my collection is still pretty small but ever growing and I have always wanted this grape soda pin from Up, I think it would be a nice little edition to my collection.

So there you go, just a little handful of the Disney items I am loving right now. Hopefully I will receive a couple of Disney items for Christmas so if I do there might just be a post on them!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Beauty | Clarins True Radiance Foundation

Hi blog friends!!

Sorry again for the lack of posts recently, I've just been busy with uni work and I also just got back from a Disneyland Paris trip (expect a post!).

Today I want to talk about the Clarins True Radiance foundation. 
I picked this up from Boots a while ago as I was really wanting a high end foundation without going for the cliche blogger picks! My mum uses Clarins make up and I was really impressed with her lipstick so thought I would check out their whole range. 
I read the reviews on this foundation and every single one was 5* or 4* with comments like, this foundation covers blemishes and pimples flawlessly and if you have dry skin this foundation won't show it up it's amazing. Being someone who suffers from acne and dry skin these comments made me click 'add to my basket' extremely quickly.

I got the colour 103 Ivory as my skin is pretty pale and this seemed to be the lightest shade that looked close to my natural skin colour. The packaging is really simple but really elegant at the same time, and the bottle feels really nice (is that a weird thing to say? I don't know haha).

The first thing I noticed about this foundation was the smell, it smells exactly like watermelon!!!
The consistency is kind of the same as L'oreal True Match which instantly made me love it as I love True Match. It is a thin consistency and gives off a medium coverage (apparently). Personally I would say the coverage is pretty light but it is build-able if you wait for the first layer to set a bit before adding another. 
The colour wasn't a perfect match because the foundation is really quite orange, in the bottle it looks pale and true to colour but once it was one my face I felt like it was super noticeable I was wearing foundation, this really annoyed me because I'd spent like £27 on it! 
But in saying that it does have a really lovely silky feel on your face, and I thought it was extremely easy to apply and didn't leave traces of brush strokes or anything.
As for the wear of the foundation, it lasted all day and I mean ALL day! I was really surprised that at the end of the day when I came to take it off I still had the same glow I did when I put it on! 
For me personally I don't think that it covered my acne very well (but then that's what concealer is there for haha), but in regards to the dry skin comment someone left, they were so right! I have dry skin all around my nose and sometimes on my cheeks and this foundation didn't even detect them. This made me feel a lot more confident!

Overall I love this foundation but for me it just isn't full coverage enough! Although I would highly recommend this to people with dry skin! I am still on the look out for a really good high end foundation that is good for combination skin and covering acne! I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments!!

Have you tried any Clarins make up? What did you think?!

Lots of love Katy 
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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Beauty | A Very Late October Favourites

Hi blog friends!!

If you read my last post (here) you will know that I haven't really had to time to blog but today I thought I would share with you my (very late) October favourites.

I only have a few bits and bobs from last month, but when I say these were my faves, I used every single one every single day of October!

L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte foundation 

This foundation is amazing, I'd heard people talk about it on YouTube and on their blogs but I had never tried it, and since my skin is fairly oily I love a good matte foundation. This one is so good at staying on all day and keeping you matte all day. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with oily or combination skin, I also have a few dry patches just around my nose and this foundation didn't pick them up at all which I thought it would, so this will definitely be a staple now.

NYX Shine Killer 

I won this product in a giveaway and oh my god is this little tube is a holy grail product. As I said I have fairly oily skin so anything that mattifies my complexion is a yes from me. It basically does what it says on the tin, kills shine. You can use it as a base, on it's own or on top of make up but I usually use it as a base.

Mac Quad with (L-R) Satin Taupe, Cranberry, Charcoal Brown & Shroom

I used this quad that I made literally very single day in October, these 4 colours are all so beautiful and really compliment my green eyes. Although it was quite expensive to make I don't regret a thing, I adore this little quad and I imagine it will now be coming everywhere with me

Marble Notebook

This notebook is from the wonderful katelavie's shop Nouvelle Daily. This notebook is a perfect size and what I love about it is that it doesn't have lines so I can just jot things down wherever I want and I mean come on, it's MARBLE!!!

theBalm Sexy Mama Transluscent Powder

I am a religious user of the translucent matte power from Rimmel, but I though I would try something new and although this one was quite pricey, this is the best powder I have used in a long time. Great for mattifying and taking away unwanted shine.

My Burberry perfume by Burberry

This is my all time favourite winter perfume, the smell is soooo beautiful. This scent reminds me of Christmas as I got my first bottle last Christmas and I am sadly running out but I did pick myself up a 50ml bottle at the airport before I went to Disneyland Paris, so I have a lovely full bottle waiting for me!

So there are my very late October favourites! What were some of your faves last month?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life | A Little Catch Up

Hi blog friends!!

As you can tell from how little I have been posting that something is up, well that sounds super dramatic but I am just SO busy at the moment and when I say busy I mean B U S Y!!! 
I have had so many deadlines and presentations that I haven't had time for anything or anyone. 
My siblings told me how much your work load increases in 3rd year but I definitely wasn't ready for this. I have work coming out my ears, my bedroom now looks like the horror section in a library, there are books literally everywhere and pieces of paper with dissertation notes on sprawled over my floor its hard not to stand on them. Oh and incase you're wondering why it looks like the horror section, my dissertation is about mothers in horror and their role in the creation of monstrous feminines, I know doesn't that sound super exciting haha!! I was reading a book the other day that would not stop using the phrase 'phallic fantasy' (because most of the approaches towards this subject are psychoanalytic) and every time I read it I gave a little shudder! Why does psychoanalysis have to be so, well...sexual, thanks Freud!

But going back to life it doesn't help that insomnia has made a re-appearance, I think I'm in a vicious cycle of being so stressed I can't sleep but sleep is the one thing I really need to get all this work done to a high standard. I find myself awake at 4am willing my eyes to shut for more that 10 seconds but alas I can't. This lack of sleep and need to get everything done has triggered my trichotillomania to go into hyper drive and I now have a lovely bald patch just behind my left ear as I tend to pull out the underneath layer of hair, so it's hair down at all times right now.

Blogging really has taken a backseat in my priorities list, but now I have time to actually blog I am going to blog my socks off. 

Thank you to all you lovely people for reading my blog even though I haven't been around as much, I just hit 12,000 page views and it made me so happy, so thank you so much and I promise not to go away for this long again (or at least I'll try haha)

Oh and before I go I want to give a massive shoutout to Jemma (Dorkface) for creating my absolutely adorable new blog header, I love it so much she's such a talented little bean, Jem if you're reading this you're the best!!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Disney | Disney Store Haul

Hi blog friends!!

I'm so happy to be doing another Disney post today! I haven't done one in so long and I have just done a big shop on the Disney Store and some added extras here and there. I absolutely LOVE reading anything to do with Disney and hopefully you do to (well otherwise this is not the post for you haha). It is quite a long one, so grab a cup of tea and keep reading!

Firstly I will show you everything I picked up from the Disney Store. 
So where to start, okay so I'll start with the toys. 
I got myself my first ever Mickey plush and I know what you're thinking, KATY HOW HAVE YOU NEVER BOUGHT A MICKEY BEFORE but I just never have so I just got the mini one for £7.95 but I didn't get Minnie because I don't like her in her pink dress and that was the only small Minnie they had but hopefully I can get one when I go to DLP later this month! I also got the Christmas Dumbo and he is just so adorable (that scarf and hat, heart eyes emoji) and super super soft and he was also £7.95.

Since DVD's are buy one get one free I decided to pick up 2 from the Disney Store, I got The Princess and the Frog for £12.99 and Cinderella for free. Now I'm not going crazy I know that there are 4 DVD's in the picture this is because HMV are also doing the BOGOF offer so I also got myself Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 
I was contemplating getting Beauty and the Beast as that is my all time favourite Disney film but I already have a copy of it and underneath the shiny covers they have the normal DVD cover so I'd only be paying for the shiny cover. I also want to get Pocahontas, Mulan, Frozen (I need a new copy as mine is scratched, sad face) and obviously Tangled.

Next up is my new tumbler. Now no Disney haul of mine would be complete without Tsum Tsum's, so I got myself this adorable tumbler with a straw for £7.95 with a Tsum Tsum design on. I think this is SO cute and it has all my favourites on as well (Mickey, Minnie, Marie, Dumbo and Winnie). I have used this so much as it is a really good size and it is really handy.

When I went to DLP for my birthday I got myself one of the Princess shoe ornaments which you can read about here. But I felt like it looked very lonely up on my mantlepiece, so I decided to splash out and get myself another one. Now they are quite pricey at £15 each but I think they are so worth it, the detail and finish on them is fantastic. I got myself the Aurora shoe as she is my second favourite Princess, but I couldn't find her shoe in the parks or the Disney Village and I rarely see it online. It is so beautiful and even has 3 stars/flowers (I can't quite tell) on the back in blue, green and pink to represent the fairies which is a great touch. 
I am a little sad they didn't put any blue on it to represent her blue dress (her true dress) but that's okay, I love it anyway!

If you know me at all you'll know by now that I love Dumbo, so when I saw these Dumbo and Timothy Mouse socks I just couldn't resist. They are really good quality and the detail is great, I mean look at their little hats!! They were also very inexpensive at just £2.95. They do loads of character combinations as well so I might have to get some more!

The last item I got from the Disney Store was a new Minnie make up bag. I got this because I realised I only have a massive Cath Kidston make up bag which is super rubbish for travelling. This is the perfect size and is made of a lovely canvas material so it will last me a long time. It just has a close up of Minnie on it and her name and on the back it has a little illustration of her. On the inside it is all red, white and spotty just like her iconic bow. Right now I have all my NYX make up in there that I won in a giveaway from Brogan Tate (seriously check out her YouTube she's amazing!). This cost me £7.95 and they do a range of characters, I loved the Alice in Wonderland one as well.

So moving on from the Disney Store, if you saw my FOTD & OOTD post you'll know that I ordered some Mickey Mouse clothes from Romwe. I got myself the jumper shown in the post and 3 shirts all with Mickey's on them. I can't quite remember the prices of these but they were all fairly cheap. I just went onto the Romwe website and typed in Mickey Mouse into the search bar. 

From Asos I got myself this amazing Mickey Mouse cropped jumper where he is trick or treating, I think this jumper is amazing and it actually keeps you warm haha. This was £28 (it's now £19.50 as Halloween is over!!!) so it was really expensive for what it is but I just loved it too much to let it go!

My last item comes from Truffle Shuffle. If you read my Disney Wishlist #1 this item was on that. It is the 4 film poster coasters. These are amazingly good quality and they feel really soft which I didn't expect. I am definitely not going to use them as coasters but as decorations.

I'm honestly not trying to show off or anything, I know I spent quite a bit of money but I love Disney so I don't mind and I wanted everything so it's not a waste to me. I love reading/watching Disney hauls, I love seeing what other people have bought and it gives me inspiration for my next buys.

As we all know tomorrow is Tsum Tsum Tuesday on the Disney Store, so when I get them I am thinking of doing a full updated version of my Tsum collection as it has grown A LOT!!! Comment if that is something you'd like to see.

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Life | Cedar Falls Health Farm & Spa Weekend Getaway

Hi blog friends!!

So last weekend my mum, sister and myself went on a very special trip to somewhere I have wanted to go to since I was about 15. Just outside Taunton in Devon is a beautiful health farm & spa called Cedar Falls and as a treat from mum we got to stay for the weekend!

Charlie and I left London on the Friday afternoon after a very stressful battle with late trains and missing busses, we stayed in Bristol on Friday night in a Travelodge and went out for the nicest meal at Las Iguanas, lots of cocktails were ordered and the biggest catch up known to man I think we stayed in there for like 4 hours just chatting!

Early the next day we set off on our journey to Cedar Falls, it only took around an hour and 10 minutes. When we arrived we headed straight to the indoor pool/spa area, put on our robes and I'm literally not exaggerating that is how we stayed the whole 2 days (apart from dinner)! We also booked all our treatments, all of us booked an aromatherapy massage, I booked a manicure and mum booked reflexology. After we took full advantage of the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and pool. 
My massage was the most incredible thing ever, I swear the woman was magic I told her my back was hurting due to working at a computer and all she did was push down on it and my back literally felt new haha! In our little chat before the massage she asked if I had anxiety and if I slept well and when I said yes I do and no I don't she recommended me to take magnesium, which I'm doing and sleeping is easier now, so I totally recommend trying out magnesium!
Since aromatherapy is all about letting the oils do most of the work you have to pick he right scent for how you want to feel. I chose energised as I am feeling so tired all the time. The scent was peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and sweet almond oil and it was absolutely heavenly. Included in the massage was a mini facial and hair mask using this amazing pink hair mud. We all didn't wash it off till our evening showers and our hair felt AMAZING!!

About 15 minutes after my massage I had my manicure and I couldn't have chosen a more autumnal/blogger colour, it was called pumpkin delight which is a copper/orange tone with SO much glitter. What I love about it is in some lights it looks a rose gold as well, oh its just so perfect! You also get to keep the nail varnish after your manicure so you can touch it up when you please.

So after a long day of reading magazines, lounging around and getting spa treatments we headed down for dinner (in real clothes it was horrible!). The food there was absolutely incredible, I had lamb with potatoes, veg and a pea puree and for pudding we all had the most delicious chocolate pot, thinking about it is making me salivate haha. We also spent about 4 hours at this dinner chatting as well, and it was really nice because we chatted about literally everything and I even got to talk about my trichotillomania which is something I haven never spoken to mum and charlie about.

The next day we woke up and went straight down for breakfast in our robes! Breakfast was really tasty and afterwards we went straight down to the pool to relax, have a swim and a sauna and a little snooze. After mum had come back from her reflexology we ordered a bit of afternoon tea and biscuits but sadly our time at the spa was coming to an end so at around 2pm we started to get ready to leave and make the arduous journey back to London (3 hours on a coach is as bad as it sounds).

I had the most amazing time and it was so relaxing. It was also amazing to get to spend time with mum and charlie as I hardly ever see them. I am so grateful to my mum for taking us and being beyond generous. Thank you mum because I know you're reading this, I love you! I also highly recommend Cedar Falls for a weekend getaway, the whole hotel is absolutely stunning, the rooms are beautiful and comfy, everyone is so friendly and helpful, oh and the food is incredible!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Lifestyle | FOTD & Mickey Mouse OOTD

Hi blog friends!!

So posting everyday this week has already gone out the window haha! I'm just so busy at the moment! But today I received a very long awaited parcel from Romwe with my new Mickey Mouse shirts and jumper and I cannot get over how adorable they all are and I can't wait to wear them all! My favourite piece is the mustard coloured jumper with Mickey pulling a peace sign in front of his face and if any of you know me this is my go to pose for literally every photo, well this or just sticking out my tongue haha!

Okay baring in mind that I am home alone so there are no fancy shots of me modelling, it is just me in my bedroom mirror but we all have to start somewhere ey! I paired the jumper with just my black ripped knee jeans from New Look and I think it is super cute and simple! I honestly felt like I just had to share this jumper, they did it in a few colours but I loved the mustard colour because it is super autumnal and also it is nice and bright so a bit more fun than the rest of my pretty much all black wardrobe haha!

For my make up I went natural with a bit of autumnal colour, I have been wearing this look or something similar throughout the whole of October. I love when it gets into Autumn because it just means that make up looks consist more of pops of colour like lips or eyes.
My skin at the moment is so dry due to the constantly changing temperatures so I try and use less foundation in the Autumn and focus more on getting the flushed cheeks look as if I have just been on a brisk walk. A really great blush for this is Sleek's rose gold but sadly I couldn't find it today but rockateur does a fab job as well!!

On my face today I have used L'Oreal true match foundation, Collection lasting perfection concealer, theBalm sexy mama powder, Benefit rockateur blush, Topshop sunbeam highlight, Benefit browzings brow kit, on my lids is MAC shroom and satin taupe and on my waterline MAC cranberry and mugshot from the Naked 3, Benefit rollerlash mascara and on my lips is 100% Pure fruit pigment lip glaze in rose petal.

I love this look because it isn't too much but I think the pop of colour on my eyes is a really nice touch and just adds a bit more dimension than having nothing there! I can remember the days when I was so afraid of eye shadow and wouldn't ever wear it, and now I feel naked without at least a wash of colour! Im really loving MAC Cranberry at the moment, it is such a lovely red/pink tone but isn't too overpowering and blends out so nicely, if you're looking for an autumnal red I would totally recommend it.

What are your favourite autumn looks?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Monday, 26 October 2015

Beauty | Lush Halloween & Christmas Product Haul

Hi blog friends!! 

Over the past week I have been SO busy with my dissertation it is unreal!! My life is becoming a routine of read, analyse, write, repeat! This is the reason my blog and twitter have been a bit quiet recently, but now I have the time to blog and this week I am going to try and do a post everyday to make up for last week (hopefully!). 
We start the week with one of my favourite types of posts EVER, I will always make time to read a post about Lush because I bloody love it!

Seasons changing can only bring about one thing, NEW LUSH COLLECTIONS! The obvious being Halloween as it is just around the corner and the Christmas collection were released a little while back and I finally got my hands on some of the goodies.

From the Halloween range I got the Nightwing shower jelly and the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar. 
Firstly Nightwing smells like a bag of Skittles or a tube of Fruit Pastilles and if they could make this all year round I would be the happiest person alive! This product is a shower jelly in the shape of a bat and I am so excited to try it as one, the smell is literally incredible (think lime and blackcurrant) and two, it is my first shower jelly and they just look so fun! 
Then we move on to the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar and what can I say, well first off they aren't lying when they say sparkly! After touching this for about 2 seconds my hands were COVERED in glitter and so was my floor and my camera and my clothes haha I'm so excited to try this! Oh also it doesn't smell like pumpkins so don't buy it thinking it does!!

From the Christmas collection I chose Star Dust, So White, Candy Mountain and Snow Fairy. 
Starting with an old favourite the Snow Fairy shower gel, I literally live for this scent! I know loads of people don't like it as it is very sweet but I adore the bubblegum sugar smell and this is a staple for me in the winter. 
The Candy Mountain (please tell me I'm not the only person who says that like they do in Charlie the unicorn haha!) bubble bar smells of Snow Fairy as well so I'm super excited to try it. 
Then the 2 bath bombs I got were So White and Star Dust.
So White smells like apples and is super fruity and Star Dust smells like Rosewood and vanilla which is very comforting and also when you put it in the bath inside the bath bomb are tiny little stars!!!

I also picked up some Sparkle Toothy Tabs as I have wanted to try them for ages but never actually thought to buy them, hopefully they will make my teeth nice and well sparkly!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites from the 2 collections?

Lots of love
Katy xxx
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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Beauty | Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

Hi blog friends!!

As soon as Autumn hits my lipstick collection is the one make up item I change the most. I'm a sucker for berry and deep red lipsticks and smokey eyes so Autumn/Winter is definitely my favourite make up season!

I have a few go to lipsticks (that is definitely ever growing) when Autumn hits. Some high end and some drug store so there is something for everyone!

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

I love this colour so much, its such a vibrant red and if you love matte lip colours this is definitely the one for you! Although I think this colour has been discontinued as I can't find it anywhere and I got this in Sephora in Florida so I can't exactly pop out and get a new one haha! If you can still buy this someone please link me and I will love you forever!!!

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection in 48

I love this colour as it isn't too deep berry but enough if you like dark lips! I love this on a night out as it isn't too in your face but is a bit daring for me. 

MAC Brick O-La & MAC Media

Firstly Brick O-La is my go to for everything! It is a lovely brown toned red and suits what I imagine would be everyone. It is very easy to wear as it goes with most colours, a definite staple! Then we move on to the most daring shade of make up I own, MAC Media! This is a very deep purple/berry toned lipstick not for the faint hearted. I adore this lipstick as it suits my pale skin but be warned if you don't use a lip pencil it will look a bit rubbish!! I recommend Current by MAC.

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection in 31

This is a very bright berry, that you'd think would be quite dark from looking at it but once it's on the lips it is quite bright and a perfect Autumn shade! I love the Rimmel Kate Moss collections, they all smell amazing and have really great staying power!

L-R: 31, Brick O-La, Media, 48 & Cruella

What are your favourite Autumn lipsticks?!

Lots of love
Katy xxx

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